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Rr. Ukshin Hoti, nr. 120, Objekti C3/Hyrja 3B
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Studio Moderna is the the leading Omnichannel direct marketer in Central & Eastern Europe.
Company Overview
Welcome to Studio Moderna Group. We are the largest direct response marketer in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), present across 21 countries. Here you will find the latest company information, product news, trends and developments. This page has been set up to provide information on our global activities, as well as being a source of interesting links and studies.

Our consumer brands include Dormeo, Delimano, Walkmaxx, Top Shop, Rovus, Pink Panda and more.

To bring our brands and products to our loyal and active customer database on 21 markets in Central and Eastern Europe we operate across multiple channels:

We broadcast 300 hours of commercial content daily on more than 360 national, regional and thematic TV channels and 2 owned 24/7 home shopping TV channels. We broadcast our own and third-party direct response TV commercials in different formats – infomercials, spots, classical prime time spots and homeshopping formats. With TV broadcast partners throughout Central & Eastern Europe, we can showcase products to over 360 million consumers.
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