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Project reference:                                                   2020-419/453

Project name:                                                         Development of work based learning program for marble and related product technicians

Implementing entity:                                             Terrastone Sh.P.K.

Location:                                                                Obiliq, Kosovo

Tentative start of training/employment:           September 2021 - January 2022

Terrastone Sh.P.K. is part of construction industry, in both provision of construction related services and materials, and it is specialized in marble stone processing and it is implementing the project “Development of work based learning program for marble and related product technicians” funded by the European Union.

Working towards its objectives, based on available market data analysis and further development the company results in increased demand for skilled human resources in the sector.

Following the company demand for the skilled workers, and in line with the action of the above project, the Terrastone Sh.P.K. invites all interested individuals who are job-seekers, to apply for training programme with the relevant modules for skills building on marble stone processing.

Who is entitled to apply?

All interested job-seekers resident of Kosovo.

Training benefits?

The hosting company through the project aligns to provide specialised trainings to at least 40 selected candidates. The candidates that shall be assessed as 10 top trainees will gain direct employment contract with the company and its partners and/or shall be able to start their own business endeavour or act as self-employed and provide their services to interested parties.

How to apply?

All interested individuals can apply online by filling out the following form or can approach Terrastone at below indicated email address either directly or through Kosovo Employment Agency.


Deadline for application is 23 August 2021 (Monday) at 17:00hrs.

For help and additional information please contact us every working day (Monday - Friday) from 09:00 to 17:00by e-mail address info@terrastonekosova.com | +383 45 810 777

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