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Sales Representative

Interested in joining a dynamic organization? Kaliman Caribe with its branch Premium Cigars & Wine in Prishtina, Kosovë is looking for an energetic Sales Representative.

Kaliman Caribe has been established in 1995 as an exclusive distributor of the prestigious brands of handmade Habanos cigars in Bulgaria. Kaliman Caribe is the exclusive distributor of Habanos S.A. in Kosovë, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

Kaliman Caribe also represents the most sophisticated selection of the best world’s terroir with its wine and spirits portfolio.

Our diverse portfolio includes biodynamic, organic and kosher wines, spirits and coffee with prestigious distinctions. The range is complemented by intriguing gourmet offerings and high-end wine accessories.

Kaliman Caribe offers you excellent working conditions and stability.

Sales representatives are responsible for promoting and selling the products to distribution clients in Kosovo and building long-term client relationships and developing and controlling the brands in the market.

Join a firm that provides tremendous career growth opportunities in an expanding industry.


Basic functions:

a) Responsible for the development of sales and the achievement of trade objectives in the region of Kosovo.

b) Responsible for the development of promotional activities, trade programs and other activities. Directly distributes the products to supermarkets, shops, hotels, restaurants, bars and more.

c) Responsible for the maintenance of a store located in Pristina on material assets, being in active contact with landlords, customers, colleagues, suppliers, etc., in connection with the smooth operation of the store.

d) Assistance in import and export, communication with forwarding, logistics, customs, etc.

e) Communication and relations with customs, regulators, monitoring the legal framework related to the products offered by the company.

f) Participates in the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual sales plans based on annual sales by quantities and value in the sales channels for which he is responsible, by regions - by groups and subgroups of products, only by products, by sales channel.

g) Researches and analyzes the main target group of consumers of the brands in the region for which he is responsible, incl. responsible for brand supervision

h) Researches and analyzes the main competitors of the brands - indicators, prices, positioning, trade and marketing strategies for market penetration and development over time.

i) Participates in the development and implementation of HoReCa and retail strategy.

j) Analyzes the reports on turnovers by customers, by brands and products, taking corrective actions if necessary.

k) Performs, controls and supports the implementation of direct sales of goods to customers and the proactive management of receivables.

l) Monitors the presence and sale of unregulated products in the region for which it is responsible.

Specific responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the overall development of sales and the achievement of trade goals for the brands entrusted to him in the region, initiating trade negotiations with potential customers, agreeing on the terms of cooperation.
  2. Responsible directly for the development of commercial sites
  3. For these sites he carries out direct sales:
    • negotiates prices, conditions and method of payment with the client;
    • is responsible for the positioning and availability of the goods in the sites;
    • collects orders and organizes deliveries on sites or by delivery by courier from the warehouse;
    • works closely with site sales consultants, providing detailed information on the product portfolio, promotions and new products;
    • is responsible for building and maintaining the overall vision of each site in accordance with the prepared strategy by offering, presence and proper positioning of the portfolio of products provided for the region entrusted to him and in accordance with its objectives;
    • is responsible for the availability of advertising materials in the sites.
  4. Maintains administrative records and conducts regular visits on pre-arranged schedules and routes.
  5. Bears material responsibility for the goods, car, etc. entrusted to him, cash. Maintenance and operation of a company car, tablet, phone, etc. tools of labor, including accounts receivables.
  6. Monitors the sales, visibility and merchandizing of the company’s product portfolio at the sites.
  7. Maintains constant contact with the client, specifies information and details of the activity. If necessary, justifies proposals for concluding contracts for deferred payment.
  8. Monitors the terms of payment with clients and notifies them of the due date.
  9. Responsible for the collection of overdue receivables.
  10. Holds regular meetings with TMM, RSP, for exchange of market information, distribution of tasks and receiving feedback.
  11. Prepares a monthly plan for trips around the region, taking care of the most important sites to receive the necessary coverage and to realize new business opportunities.
  12. Responsible for setting and achieving targets in accordance with the objectives set for the region for which it is responsible.
  13. Responsible for receiving goods from Customs.
  14. Responsible for the renewal of all licenses for tobacco products and spirits.
  15. Responsible for the timely submission of all invoices to local accounting on a monthly basis.
  16. Works in cooperation with the local forwarding company.
  17. Monitors and informs about changes in laws and regulations related to business and promptly notifies them.


a) Responsible for all sales reports in the region entrusted to him.
b) Prepares reports with summary information for potential customers in its region.
c) Report from the monthly visits made to clients.
d) Prepares a report on the presence of unregulated products in the region for which he is responsible.
e) Prepares a daily report of his work.

For the needs of the Managers:

a) Summary Reporting - for the territory for which he is responsible.
b) Report on the development of brands, market and competition based on the analysis made.
c) Others at the discretion of the Manager.

All interested candidates can apply by sending their CV at: galdim.emrullahu@ks.kaliman.bg or via our number +38349611333 until 15.08.2021.

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