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Exceptional Lead Engineer


Seeking Lead Engineer, Starting Now

Oxford Property Group is a NYC-based, national, entrepreneurial real estate brokerage. 

We are looking for an exceptional engineer to lead a small team and to play a crucial and strategic role in architecting a state-of-the-art real estate website, native mobile application, and web service. 

Attributes and Experience We Are Looking For in a Candidate

  • Exceptional coding ability in Node.js & PHP or Python & PHP
  • Strong proclivity for simple and effective software solutions
  • Very strong communication skills
  • Ability to motivate, enfranchise, and teach junior engineers 
  • Practical business and design intelligence
  • Strong dev ops experience; confident competence with automated testing and CD
  • Love of building beautiful, functional, and highly extensible product in a collaborative environment


  • You will be the senior technologist at a real estate firm. We understand that a lack of technical mentorship could limit your opportunities for learning and growing as an engineer, and will encourage and your seeking educational and mentorship opportunities outside of our firm
  • We live full lives outside of our employment and understand that you do as well. We are open to 4-day/week proposals

For more information about this opportunity, please submit an application here: https://bit.ly/leadEngineerApplyOxford

You can also schedule a 15 minute meet and greet here: https://calendly.com/davidm-14/15-minute-david

Information About Oxford’s Hiring Process

In order to better orient you as you apply for Oxford’s Lead Engineering position, we are sharing our hiring process outline below! 

  1. Submission of application materials here: https://bit.ly/leadEngineerApplyOxford
    1. Optional 15-minute meet and greet before or after application submission here: https://calendly.com/davidm-14/15-minute-david

Apply Here: https://airtable.com/shr2fUAeDvbUUvzwX

  1. 2-hour take home technical exercise. This will be reviewed by humans and returned to you with insightful comments about your performance. This is to get a sense of the depth of your coding ability and solution organization.
  2. Half-hour live pair-coding exercise. This is to get a sense of how you communicate in real time about solving technical problems.
  3. 1-hour architectural and business process interview with the CEO. This is to get a sense of how you reason and discuss solutions with non-technical team members

We are very much looking forward to meeting you —

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