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Component Two Senior Advisor


Transparent, Effective and Accountable Municipalities (USAID TEAM) Activity
Component Two Senior Advisor

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Position Component Two Senior Advisor
Period of Performance On/About (From – To) Upon Approval                   January 10, 2022
Maximum Level of Effort LTTA
Base of Operations Pristina, Kosovo
Position reports to Component Two Lead


The Kosovo TEAM Activity will support USAID/Kosovo to address corruption at the municipal level by increasing the transparency and effectiveness of municipal procurement systems. USAID TEAM will focus on the following three program components:

  1. Develop, refine and roll out models for transparent and accountable municipalities;
  2. Engage the central level in addressing municipal corruption within the procurement process; and
  3. Enable civil society to track and expose corruption.

USAID TEAM will identify and work extensively in five municipalities to champion anti-corruption reforms. In addition, USAID TEAM will work with select entities within the Government of Kosovo such is Public Procurement Regulatory Commission, Procurement Review Body, National Audit Office and Central harmonization Unit with Ministry of Finance that are relevant to addressing corruption at the municipal level. Furthermore, USAID TEAM will provide sub-contracts or grants to national-level Civil Society Organizations which will monitor all 38 municipalities in areas such as procurement and recruitment while ensuring greater citizen engagement, especially in rural areas.


The Component Two Senior Adviser will support the Component Two Lead in engaging the central level of government in addressing municipal corruption within the procurement process.

The Component Two Senior Adviser will assist the Component Two Lead in supporting national level partners to ensure that the transition to e-procurement includes the proper internal control, offers opportunity for oversight and accountability, and encourages greater transparency. In addition, s/he will assist the Component Two Lead in supporting local procurement and audit staff to be less susceptible to influence from municipal executives as well as working with national level actors and partners to provide in-depth, tailored support for the Public Procurement Regulatory Commission, Procurement Review Body, National Audit Office and Central Harmonization Unit with Ministry of Finance to achieve the following goals:

  • Public Procurement Regulatory Commission maintains the e-procurement system and supports municipal staff to use it;
  • National Audit Office has built their capacities for fraud detection
  • Municipalities are better able to addresses audit findings through collaboration with the National Audit;
  • Municipal staff collect better evidence and data on potential municipal corruption;
  • The Contractor Past Performance Database is used to improve decision-making;
  • The Contract Management Module is implemented and used by the municipalities; and
  • Municipal and national level partners improve collaboration.


  • Knowledge:
    • Support Component Two Lead with all activities and sustain strong relations with central government officials;
    • Assist the Component Two Lead with training implementation for central government officials with the NAO, CHU, PRB and PPRC on e-procurement;
    • Support the Component Two Lead to oversee customized technical assistance and ensure quality of deliverables;
    • Assist with the creation of a Contract Past Performance Record database;
    • Support the Component Two Lead on reporting process relevant data collection, adaptive management and M&E as needed;
    • Provide input for and write project reports and success stories for technical areas;
    • Collaborate with other Components Leads and other advisory team to ensure programmatic efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Problem Solving:
    • Responsible for solving complex technical, managerial or operational problems that may arise when working with counterparts;
  • Accountability
    • Operates independently, delivering results at a high-level and engaging with a wide array of program stakeholders to enable improvements for successful implementation of project program;
  • Supervision:
    • Plan, supervise and manage resources for the following workplan items:
      • Build the capacity of the NAO in the areas of fraud detection at the local government level
      • Build the capacity of the Ministry of Finance's Central Harmonization Unit to oversee and direct municipal internal audit units;
      • Enhance PPRC institutional capacities to increase transparency, effectiveness, and accountability;
      • Enhance PRB capacities to fully implement transparency measures;
    • Serve as the direct supervisor of any staff (full-time and STTAs) implementing the above-listed activities; and
    • Communicate clear performance goals and objectives for individuals and teams to achieve desired immediate, short- and long-term activity results.


  • Recommended Minimum Years of Experience:
    • Minimum of 8 years’ experience in governance programming, ideally with procurement and/or finance and rule of law governance with USAID projects.
  • Knowledge:
    • Bachelor’s degree required in public administration/related fields. Master’s degree in related field preferred.
    • Expertise in audits and internal controls; familiarity with automation, risk management, and voluntary compliance.
    • Demonstrable knowledge of central and local level institutions development in Kosovo
    • Understanding procurement policies.
  • Problem Solving:
    • Ability to solve complex technical, managerial or operational problems and evaluate options based on relevant information, considerable knowledge and varied experiences
  • Accountability:
    • Ability to operate independently and maintain quality control on Project activities
  • Supervision Experience:
    • Experience managing and/or supervising staff or technical functions preferred
  • Other Qualifications Required:
    • Advanced proficiency in English and Albanian language (spoken and written).


Interested individuals must submit their detailed CV outlining their educational qualifications and cover letter. Mentioned documents should be submitted in electronic format to KosovoTEAM_Recruitment@dai.com, no later than 4 p.m. Kosovo local time on November 29th, 2020.

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