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Cardno is a professional infrastructure and environmental services company, with expertise in the development and improvement of physical and social infrastructure for communities around the world. Cardno is implementing USAID-funded Export-led Growth (ELG) Activity in Kosovo in partnership with Recura, a Kosovo-based strategic advisory company, operating in Kosovo and providing strategic business advisory services focused on facilitating business growth, job creation, access to finance and access to markets and is looking for qualified candidates.

Description of Project: USAID has awarded Cardno a five-year contract to promote resilient, self-sustaining market systems, and to facilitate the private sector’s improved competitiveness in local, regional and global markets. Through the ELG Activity, Cardno will work to empower firms, organizations and institutions to improve market systems. The Activity will focus in three key export oriented sectors (Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Wood, and Food processing) to sustainably increase their competitiveness. By working to address constraints across the system, the Activity will enable scalable and systemic change to occur, stimulating job creation and private sector increased ability to engage in local, regional and international markets. The expected results of the Activity across all three sectors are 1) market systems are strengthened to increase sector competitiveness and 2) market actors within those market systems are more productive and competitive.

The Activity is recruiting for the following position on the Activity:

Name of Position

Access to Finance Expert

General Responsibilities


The position is responsible for overseeing all access to finance engagements in the Activity. The Access to Finance Expert is responsible for ensuring that all export-related current and new access to finance issues affecting businesses in Kosovo are identified. The Access to Finance Expert works in close collaboration with Sector Leads to identify sector-specific access to finance issues and develops interventions to address these issues from a market systems perspective. The position is also responsible for continuously maintaining contact with stakeholders (businesses, government actors, associations, NGOs, IFIs, etc.) regarding access to finance issues and developing quick solutions to potential barriers to export for businesses in Kosovo. 

Specific Tasks and Responsibilities

·         Contributes to development and revision of Sector Action Plans with specific focus on activities relating to access to finance;

·         Supports Sector Leads in including access to finance actions and interventions into their work-plans and activities;

·         Supports Sector Leads in communication and outreach activities with market players including professional associations, private businesses, area-specific NGOs, government entities, relevant donors, and all other stakeholders;

·         Develops and executes a continuous monitoring system of access to finance interventions and provides ideas for interventions that would improve the competitiveness of the project;

·         Develops, updates and maintains a current list of access to finance barriers to export-led growth in Kosovo and potential market system interventions to ease access to finance barriers;

·         Promotes Collaborating Learning and Adapting (CLA) / Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MLA) practices.


Minimum Education Requirement

A minimum of a master’s degree in finance / accounting or business administration or other relevant field

Minimum Professional Experience/Capabilities

·         Experience developing new mechanisms for sustained access to finance and experience in banking with particular focus on product development and credit risk;

·         Minimum of 7 years of experience in analyzing, designing, pursuing or developing access to finance mechanisms for the private sector in Kosovo;

·         Demonstrable knowledge and understanding of key access to finance barriers to exports in Kosovo;

·         Experience designing activities in the access of finance to facilitate exports;

·         Experience with “market systems” approach, including potential certifications is an advantage;

·         Extensive proven experience of work with the private sector in Kosovo;

·         Ability to effectively engage private sector partners in Kosovo and abroad;

·         Proven ability to work effectively with government, USAID, other donors, private sector representative, Kosovo Government institutions and business associations;

·         Full computer literacy;

·         Fluency in Albanian and English required; fluency in Serbian preferred

Period of Performance


Level of Effort

Initially a short-term position with a possibility of transitioning into a full time (260 days per year) position, depending on the performance and Activity needs.  Initial short-term level engagement is anticipated to last for the first 3-4 months of the Activity.


Deputy Chief of Party

Supervisory role

This position may oversee other technically relevant LTTA or STTA positions as determined by Project needs

To apply please submit a CV and a one-page cover letter in English to

Deadline for applications: August 30, 2020

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