Junior Admin Assistant


Job title: Junior Admin Assistant
Department: Leasing
Reporting to: Leasing Manager, Mall Manager

Scope of the job:
The Junior Admin Assistant in Leasing Department is the right-hand of the Leasing Manager with main focus is to support the Leasing Manager in negotiating and to concluding short and long term lease agreements, to increase the occupancy level and at the same time to achieve the level of the budgeted Minimum Guaranteed Rents, to optimize the tenant and the brand mix in the Mall, in order to maintain and maximize the value of Landlords property.

The Junior Admin Assistant arranges everyday tasks related to the leasing activity in line with the approved Leasing Strategy.

Main responsibilities, duties:

  • The position is responsible specifically for certain administrative tasks related to leasing of the Mall and generally for the administrative support of the Leasing Manager’s job.

Upon prior agreement with the Leasing Manager:

  • Initiate first contact – based on database and other professional networking - , arranging meetings
  • Support in the data and information collection for the preparation of the leasing strategy of the Mall
  • Participate in market research, awareness of the regional retail market, especially players, trends.
  • Preparing first offer, including location offer (involving Operations Department) and commercial offer which are in line with the Landlords expectation/ defined pricing policy and get the approval of Leasing Manager.
  • Mediating among departments in the case of future and soon to be finalized deals, finalized deals and past leasing actions.
  • Upon the terms agreed with the tenant, the lease agreement has to be finalized with the cooperation of the Legal Department, and to be approved by the Leasing Manager.
  • When commercial details and the lease agreement are finalized and the tenant signed the Application Form, the documentation has to be submitted to the Landlords for their approval (Lease Approval Form).
  • Once it is approved by Landlords all documentation goes to Legal Department to create the final LA.
  • Signed LA is sent to tenant and all relative departments as information.


  • Prepare Weekly reports on Fridays including progress, stage of negotiations, update on vacancy level, occupancy charts, and efficiency report – to the Landlords.
  • Filling up and providing data for the Monthly reports – Landlords on leasing activity, rent-roll, tenant rollover, building operations (new leasing, signed contract, openings, ongoing negotiations), open- close report, executive summary, etc.
  • Contributes to annual Budget, business plan / each August.
  • Budget (based on rent-roll and new leasing activity)
  • Actions related to terminations: contribute to the provision of professional opinion, recommendation to Landlords
  • Participating and preparing minutes at the weekly and monthly calls/meetings
  • In case of expiration, relocation, expansion – including current market revision and the tenants performance revision / other economic analysis and renegotiate commercial terms and conditions, lease term, location.
  • The documentation process the same as in case of new leasing.
  • All other tasks charged by the Leasing Manager/ Mall Manager in relation with the role.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Provide business support, advice and guidance to other departments to ensure accurate administration related to Tenants and Leasing activity.
  • Generate on demand presentations.
  • Project Management Support, in relation with leasing.

Key contacts / Internal External Relationships:

  • Local departments, Mall management.
  • Head Office Leasing contacts.
  • Tenants representatives.
  • Keeping regular contact with Agencies, Retailers, other Mall specialists and leasing professionals, e.g. ICSC, Retail SEE representatives.


University or college degree in Economics/Business or other relevant degrees / Minimum of 2 years of experience in sales/ administration related field of work / Familiar with MS programs / Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, strong work ethic and sense of ownership / Ability to work independently and manage multiple activities and priorities effectively / Advanced written and verbal communication skills on local and English language / Outgoing personality with the ability to maintain strong relationships / Ambitious, energetic team player who is open to growth and development and ready to persistently serve the objective of the team.

How to Apply

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The deadline for application is until 17th of August 2020.

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