Consultancy for Technical Support on Early Childhood Development and Education


Consultancy for Technical Support on Early Childhood Development and Education (ECD/E) Programmes

Job Number: 529748 | Vacancy Link
Locations: Europe and Central Asia Region: Serbia
Work Type : Consultancy

Consultancy for Technical Support on Early Childhood Development and Education (ECD/E) Programmes

Supervised by:
Deputy Representative in coordination with the Health and Nutrition Officer

Length of Contract:
6 months

Type of engagement
International Consultant

Duty Station:

Purpose of Activity/Assignment: 
Strengthen ECD strategy and programs in Kosovo, establish fundraising strategy and develop partnerships

Scope of Work:

Under the supervision of the RO Representative, the consultant is expected to:

Strengthen strategic and programmatic planning and implementation capacities of UNICEF Kosovo team in early childhood development and education. The consultant shall engage in increasing the quality of current programs and the development of an action plan with targeted interventions involving multiple ECD/E stakeholders in Kosovo.

Support the development of the ECD fundraising strategy and build partnerships with key actors in the field of early childhood development, including international organizations and development agencies.

Provide support in designing, planning, implementing, reporting, and evaluation of  programmes for ECD/E in Kosovo, including the programmes implemented in equitable healthcare, social provision, and early childhood education.

Work Assignment Overview:

  • Provide support and guidance to update and strengthen the UNICEF Kosovo Programme pillar specific to ECD/E;
  • Provide technical advice to strengthen UNICEF Kosovo Office in its facilitating role for ECD in Kosovo, including programs, partnership building, and fundraising;
  • Utilize knowledge and experience gained through similar events to provide technical support in the organization of the ECD/E conference in Kosovo, including insight on preparatory work, stakeholders, content, and conference outcomes;
  • Provide technical advice and support to partners and stakeholders in implementing ongoing ECD/E programmes and activities;
  • Provide technical advice to increase quality of programmes, including components such as implementation quality and results-based management;
  • Provide direct support during the implementation of activities and delivery of results, in coordination with ECD/E implementing UNICEF Kosovo staff and partners;
  • Support and engage in preparing programmatic documents and data for the implementation of ECD programmes;
  • Support the development of expansion and quality ECE programs throughout Kosovo through technical advice in programme design and implementation, including:
  • Direct engagement in developing concept notes and project proposals for innovative project ideas;
  • Provision of support in developing a series of policy position papers for key issues targeting ECD/E in Kosovo.
  • Facilitate the development of a fundraising strategy for ECD programmes;
  • Identify and conduct high level introductory meetings, participate in networking activities and support staff in strengthening existing cooperation and partnerships with donors and partners;
  • Support capacity building for fundraising techniques, including communication and pitching techniques that aim at obtaining pledges for investment;
  • Demonstrate up to date knowledge of funds generation for ECD/E and apply it to provide support in building strong partnerships with potential donors;
  • Bring in similar country settings experience and provide technical support in developing partnerships with public and private sector to increase investments in ECD/E.


  1. Work plan, with actions and respective timeframe;
  2. Recommendations report for strengthening the  ECD/E pillar of the country programme;
  3. Revised ECD conference documents, i.e. presentations and informative materials;
  4. Programme concept ideas for the mid- to long-term for UNICEF Kosovo in the field of ECD/E;
  5. Action plan in response to the identified programme priorities;
  6. Finalized concept note for submission to major ECD donors, national and internationally;
  7. Facilitated meetings and workshops with relevant institutions in Kosovo on ECD/E;
  8. Monthly report presenting progress achieved in the work with government institutions, international stakeholders, and implementing partners.
  • Fundraising strategy document with specific action plan for UNICEF Kosovo team
  • Meetings conducted with major ECD implementing institutions and donors in Kosovo;
  • Pitch documents for high-level meetings, i.e. tailored infographics and background documents;
  • Pledge obtained for investment in the ECD/E sector analysis and action plan implementation.

Minimum Qualifications required:
Masters degree

Knowledge/Expertise/Skills required:

  1. Advanced university degree in social sciences, education or other related field, preferably with some specialized training in development studies;
  2. At least 10 years of senior level professional work experience in a relevant field;
  3. Previous experience in similar tasks with the UN agencies or international NGOs working on ECD/E is mandatory;
  4. Strong knowledge in education aid programming and in relevant fields (policy analysis, fundraising)
  5. Strong knowledge of partnership principles in development and humanitarian work;
  6. Strong knowledge of results-based management;
  7. Excellent written and oral communication in English;
  8. Strong analytical and critical thinking skills;
  9. Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines;
  10. Familiarity with UN and international NGOs programming.

Opening Date Mon Feb 10 2020 09:00:00 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time) Central Europe Standard Time
Closing Date Fri Feb 21 2020 23:55:00 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)

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