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Finance Coordinator


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Finance Coordinator

Summary of Duties:

In close co-operation with the BSFK Director, the Financial Coordinator maintains and controls all financial records of Balkan Sunflowers Kosova. This includes preparing and maintaining paper records and computer records, issuing appropriate and timely reports, taxes and pensions, monitoring project budgets and preparing the financial reports for donors. The Financial Coordinator cooperates with project managers to ensure that they are aware of the financial aspects of their projects and keep within the donor parameters.

Minimal requirements are:

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in managing financial aspect of the organization/company;
  • Minimum bachelor degree in economics, preferably finances;
  • Have knowledge about legal framework related to finances;
  • Know to use QuickBooks and other relevant programs related to finances;
  • Speak good English. Knowing other local languages is advantage;
  • Be able to work full time;
  • Have good interpersonal skills.
    Detailed duties are elaborated below.

Workplace: Prishtina
Working hours: 40 hours per week.
Contract: Three months trial contract, depending on performance contract will be extended until the end of December 2020. If funding is ensured, further continuation of the contract will be offered.
Net salary: 700.00 Euro

How to apply
Send your CV and motivation letter to:
Deadline to apply: 16 February 2020, 14:00.
Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview

Duties in detail:

1. Cash Records - Transaction Receipts

  • Ensure that all transactions (payments, income, transfers) have receipts
  • Instruct all volunteers and staff in handling of receipts
  • Mount receipts for reports
  • Label receipts appropriately for reports
  • Write English translation on receipts if needed
  • Match to and clear all cash withdrawals – Cash ledger; back up weekly
  • Keep transaction receipts, reports pages, etc printed

2. Banking

  • Maintain bank records
  • Enter all banking into QuickBooks system
  • Check with bank on receipt of deposits, balances, etc.
  • Make bank withdrawals when authorized.

3. QuickBooks Date Entry

  • Enter all data
  • Account for all cash, reconcile all records
  • Check and solve all questions
  • Maintain clear category and tag records
  • Double and triple check to assure accuracy
  • Back up QuickBooks data

4. Cash

  • Maintain some BSFK cash for paying receipts
  • Pay BSFK bills

5. Budgets

  • Cooperate in developing budgets for proposals being prepared for donors
  • Maintain project budgets
  • Maintain site budgets
  • Inform weekly or monthly as agreed with project manager, both verbally and with reporting, project managers on budget status
  • Prepare monthly cash disbursal plan, transaction receipts, and bank withdrawal orders

6. Expense Controls

  • Check that receipts and expenses make sense and are reasonable
  • Control that we do not double pay bills
  • Control telephone bills and recover personal call costs
  • Highlight the questionable expenses

7. Salaries

  • Preparing list of staff for salary
  • Preparing and procesing salaries

8. Reporting

  • Prepare a weekly summary of activities – simple, bullet pointed
  • Prepare financial reports for all financial activity each month
  • Coordinate with project coordinators financial aspects
  • Prepare financial part of reports to donors
  • Maintain finance log
  • Report VAT for BSFK and EDI project
  • Updating partners on common activities expenses

9. Donor relations

  • Prepare financial part of reports to donors
  • Meet with donor financial officers at beginning of project to find out exactly how they want their reports prepared
  • Share as requested by project coordinators expenses of the project

10. Government relations

  • Prepare such information as is needed for taxes, social payments, government reports

11. Training

  • Train BSFK volunteers and staff in discharging their financial responsibilities
  • Train BSFK partners or contractees how to maintain financial information and records

12. Other responsibilities

  • Do such other work as the BSFK Coordinator may request that is reasonable and does not interfere with the general discharge of the above listed responsibilities
  • Attend BSFK meetings and trainings as needed
  • Participate in financial training programs as needed (give and take)
  • This work includes the work of Balkan Sunflowers (international), Balkan Sunflowers Kosova, and projects that may be jointly administered with partners.
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