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Marketing Officer

About the role

We are looking for a passionate Marketing Officer to plan and oversee the organization’s marketing activities and campaigns. You will be the one to ensure that all marketing operations are successful in meeting the goals set by management.
A successful Marketing officer must have great enthusiasm for all things marketing and great knowledge of relevant techniques and principles. The ideal candidate will also be an excellent communicator and writer.
This role requires a strong operational and creative approach to help maintain our communications channels.

Why join us?

The opportunity to work for an organisation that is making a positive difference to children and young people in Kosovo, a friendly and supportive culture, working with values driven and highly engaged colleagues, eager to learn something new every day – these are just some of the reasons we think that BONEVET is a great place to work.

BONEVET is a children-friendly environment designed to stimulate children’s curiosity, imagination and creativity. BONEVET concept is based on individual, customized, and hands-on activity-based learning, which eventually leads to a situation where young people can learn through digital devices and book reading. BONEVET is committed to do its part in educating and training young people, to learn the necessary academic and emotional skills, to help them work in teams, to tackle and solve problems, to communicate and cooperate, and more importantly to be critical thinkers.


  • Acts as the highest-ranking employee in the marketing department
  • Reports to the Managing Director of BONEVET Prishtina.
  • Compilation of the BONEVET Corporate Marketing Plan including Individual Marketing Plans for all BONEVET Foundations of Kosova. These are compiled on annual basis including an estimated marketing budget and with definition of targets and activities in line with the corresponding.
  • Write blogs in daily/weekly basis, ex: success stories, visits, TV presentations, events and different articles related to BONEVET.
  • Collaborate with other departments such as administration of BONEVET for preparing weekly/monthly digital marketing strategies.
  • Master Budget Plan compiled by the Managing Director.
  • Organize and attend marketing activities or events to raise brand awareness.
  • Generates and develops appropriate and cost-effective marketing tools with focus on achieving the targets set in the Marketing Plan. In particular improving and curating the web-page, communication through social networks and media, designing and curating electronic newsletters, prepare content for the publication of marketing material.
  • Builds and curates the database of email addresses of sponsors, donors, friends and students.
  • Manages the filing, storage and security of documents in cooperation with BONEVET Director.
  • Enhances BONEVET’s corporate brand awareness and cultivates its reputation and image on national and international scene, by means of appropriate communication with mass media, social networks and targeted events.
  • Extends network by acquisition of new sponsors and donors by means of appropriate and targeted marketing and sales activities, in order to assist the director of BONEVET at acquiring new funds for a sustainable operation of the organization.
  • Creates within the sponsors network new opportunities for technical cooperation through common projects that will support the industry in the field of technical design, programing, hardware development and R&D-services in general.
  • Generates mutually beneficial relationships with institutions of the education system, in particular with universities, vocational high schools and primary schools, to enable students to take part in BONEVET’s training courses and projects.
  • Given the multitude of tasks and responsibilities the Marketing Officer must learn to work with priorities and be capable of delegating tasks upon the approval of the director of BONEVET, in order to manage to reach set targets.
  • It is expected that the Marketing Officer will accomplish other related tasks.
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