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POSITION M&E and Communication Associate

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE ON/ABOUT (FROM – TO) February 1, 2020 - August 31, 2021



POSITION REPORTS TO M&E Learning and Adapting Specialist and Communication Specialist

  1. Project Background:

Through the Kosovo TEAM Activity, the DAI team is supporting USAID/Kosovo to address corruption at the municipal level by increasing the transparency and effectiveness of municipal procurement systems. DAI is focusing on the following three program components:

  1. Develop, refine and roll out models for transparent and accountable municipalities;
  2. Engage the central level in addressing municipal corruption within the procurement process; and
  3. Enable civil society to track and expose corruption.

DAI works extensively in fifteen municipalities to champion anti-corruption reforms. In addition, DAI works with selected entities within the Government of Kosovo (GOK) that are relevant to addressing corruption at the municipal level. Furthermore, DAI provides sub-contracts or grants to national-level Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) which are monitoring all 38 municipalities in areas such as procurement and recruitment while ensuring greater citizen engagement, especially in rural areas.

  1. role’s Purpose:

The Monitoring & Evaluation Associate will support and assist Monitoring Evaluation Learning and Adapting (MELA) Specialist to ensure that Adaptive Management Plan of the USAID Transparent, Effective and Accountable Municipalities meet the USAID Mission requirements and standards.

  1. Objectives and Duties
  • Provide support and assistance to the MELA Specialist with the implementation of the Adaptive Management Plan (project indicators), Municipal Graduation Plan (indicators that measure municipal progress), and other data as needed,
  • Cooperate with Administration and component staff to collect data from the project activities,
  • Update and maintain project information database and indicator trackers,
  • Generate data reports and document activity progress through reports from the project information database.
  • Assist the Communications Specialist to develop communication materials to increase awareness on project activities and results.
  • Support internal and external communications activities.
  • Assist in planning and implementation of all public and inter-stakeholder program events.
  • Assist in required project reporting.
  • Collaborate with field staff to ensure information accuracy and consistency.
  • Write and edit project success stories and other project materials as needed.
  • Ensure all project materials and reports conform to the project branding plan.
  • Other related tasks
  1. Qualifications/Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree in Economic, or other related fields,
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in communications.
  • Strong writing abilities.
  • Strong computer skills, specifically in Excel, 
  • Research experience, including data collection and data management,
  • Quantitative analytical skills,
  • Experience with USAID branding and marking rules, is an asset.
  • Experience with USAID reporting is an asset.
  • Ability to work with a team and under pressure,
  • Ability to work in the office and travel on-location,
  • Fluency in English is required.
  • Valid driving license required

Please submit a cover letter and CV to KosovoTEAM_Recruitment@dai.com no later than December 16, 2019.

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