Tetra Tech

Technical and vocational education and training survey scope of work


Tetra Tech

Technical and Vocational Education and Training Survey Scope of Work

November 2019


Tetra Tech has a strong history implementing USAID projects in Kosovo, having operated the well-regarded New Opportunities in Agriculture (NOA), the Property Rights Program (PRP), and Agricultural Growth and Rural Opportunities (AGRO) projects. In anticipation of the anticipated USAID Developing Export-led Growth (DELG) RFP, Tetra Tech seeks a Kosovo professional services firm to conduct a survey of current students at selected Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions in Kosovo. The details of this assignment are described below.

USAID/Kosovo released a Request for Information and Expression of Interest in advance of the anticipated Developing Export-led Growth (DELG) in Kosovo Activity. The purpose of the anticipated activity, from USAID’s public documentation, is “...to facilitate Kosovo’s firms towards becoming more competitive in local, regional and international markets, thereby promoting export-led growth. The anticipated objectives are:

  • Increase exports through improved small and medium enterprise (SME) sophistication and market knowledge and linkages;
  • A skilled workforce that better meets private sector needs; and
  • Expand access to finance to facilitate firms’ growth and productivity.”

During implementation of this Scope of Work (SOW), the proposed Subcontractor will be mindful of USAID restrictions on procurement-sensitive information, and of providing information to third parties that may compromise this confidentiality.


Tetra Tech wishes to engage a professional services firm based on Kosovo to conduct a survey of students currently enrolled in TVET institutions in Kosovo, to understand youth perspectives on training, job prospects and future plans from a demographic range (16-24 years old) and gender balance. Tetra Tech and the selected firm will jointly develop the questionnaire consisting of approximately 15 questions or sub-questions. The selected firm will translate the final questions, using the best and most culturally appropriate phrasing of the questions likely to achieve the most useful responses among the target demographic. The firm will use the questionnaire to obtain at least 100 quality responses. The survey respondents will draw from up to six identified TVET institutions located in Lipjan, Giljan, and Ferizaj. The firm will use appropriate digital tools to document responses. The firm will deliver the cleaned data and information, which will include survey responses and transcribed comments (translated into English) from survey participants. The data shall be delivered in Microsoft Excel, and the transcribed and translated comments in Microsoft Word.  


  • Work plan
  • Finalized and translated questionnaire in Albanian
  • Sampling methodology and sampling frame
  • Final report in English that includes an aggregation of the responses and visual representation via charts or graphics
  • Quality data set from the questionnaire in Microsoft Excel
  • Transcription of participants’ comments, translated into English in Microsoft Word


The period of work will be December 9-24, 2019.


The contracted firm shall work under the direction of Mr. Ben Rinehart from Tetra Tech, or another designated member of the proposal team.


Interested parties should submit a proposal in English and no more than 5 pages in length that briefly describes relevant qualification and experience, methodology and work plan, data collection and management, data processing, quality assurance, analysis and reporting, and budget.  Proposal deadline is Wednesday, December 4, 2019. 

Proposals will be rated on technical merit, management plan, and cost. Please submit proposals to ben.rinehart@tetratech.com and drew.wheadon@tetratech.com.



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