The company Makinaperty L.L.C. is now advertising the following job offers: 

Position 1: React Native Developer; 

Position 2: Full-Stack Developer; 

Place of work: Tirana Street, Lakrishte, Pristina; 

Duration: Unlimited; 

Basic qualifications: 

  • Education: Preferably a bachelor's degree in software engineering; 
  • Experience: Professional experience in software development (proven by reference from the  previous employer); 
  • Languages: English, German (advantageous); 

Main duties and responsibilities: 

  • To have full professional responsibility and flexibility in the schedule (reaching the  deadline); 
  • Plan and further develop our projects according to the rules and requirements of the  company; 
  • Realizes the planned daily activities; 
  • Planning, creation, testing and bug fixing of projects. 
  • Independent planning and implementation of web design drafts; 
  • Implementation of web applications based on design specifications; 
  • Maintaining technical documentation in GitHub. 
  • Other duties determined by the manager; 
  • All projects are made in English or German; 


  • You have a professional appearance; 
  • You have mobile development experience with React Native (also Swift and Kotlin),  including bridging and native module integration; 
  • You have commercial backend development experience with NodeJS, including the  closing of security gaps; 
  • You have experience with Redux or MobX for state management in React Native  applications; 
  • You have enough full-stack experience to fully develop every area of a mobile  application; 
  • You are experienced with general standards like NPM and node modules, RESTful  APIs, Authentication & Authorization (e.g. JSON web tokens, OAuth); 
  • You are proficient in establishing and managing relational and/or NoSQL databases (e.g.  Firebase, MongoDB); 
  • You are comfortable with JavaScript/TypeScript and have a good understanding of  mobile-specific features such as geolocation, push notifications, and offline storage;
  • You are experienced in developing and integrating mobile-specific UI/UX components  and animations; 
  • You are familiar with deploying mobile applications to App Store and Google Play,  including knowledge of the submission process and requirements; 
  • You have experience with mobile testing frameworks and writing testable, efficient, and  maintainable code; 
  • You are comfortable working in an agile setting like SCRUM;
  • You are proficient in writing scalable, robust, testable, efficient, and easily maintainable  code; 
  • You have good design skills and are comfortable working with design tools and assets;
  • You are curious, creative, collaborative, and enjoy building things from the ground up;
  • English skills are required, but additional language skills (German) are a bonus; 

How to apply: Interested candidates should send their CV and portfolio in English to the email  address: info@makinaperty.com 

Under "Subject" you must enter “Application Makinaperty” and your name: Application  Name/First name; 
Delivery deadline: August 2024
After reviewing the applications, only candidates who meet the above-mentioned conditions will  be contacted.

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