Pristina 06.06.2024 
Ref. No. 186600366

Subject: Request for quotation for payroll software 

Dear Sir/Madam

NGO "Norwegian People's Aid" (NPA)-Mine Action and Disarmament Program in Kosovo is hereby requesting the quotation for the following

  • Software for managing payroll system- An off the shelf SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Listed below you will find what is minimum requirements and mandatory for a payroll system, followed by an optional list

  • Salary and benefit calculation;
  • Severance Pay calculation
  • Split salary over several projects
  • Deduct benefits, including health and insurance benefits
  • Manage taxation responsibilities and file tax forms
  • End of the year payment summaries to all your employees
  • Keep a record of employee pay including rates and any incentive-based payments (to make it 
  • possible to look up historical data of previous employees, positions in the past etc.)
  • Produce an excel generated file containing all payroll data - needed to import payroll data to 
  • Agresso (uploading in Agresso is done by using Postback, the Agresso template for uploading large amounts of data and to book several transactions in Agresso without needing to book one and one transaction at the time)
  • Multiple users and user access levels, possibility to trace who have done changes in the system;
  • Upload personnel files/employee documents such as contracts, Code of Conduct, sam.gov etc;
  • It should not be possible to go back and change data after a payroll period is approved - so it's not 
  • possible to go back and manipulate data
  • Regular software updates system needs to be always up to date
  • Backup solution included
  • Easy to do payroll in different locations


  • Maintain up-to-date employee records
  • Record leave entitlements
  • Record details of employee start and termination (start date end date of contract)
  • Record payment of annual entitlements (for example 13 th pay-check)
  • Automate pay slip and leave calculations
  • Automate salary distribution overview summary
  • Recommended: to have the possibility to set up your salary scale in the system. When salary scale 
    review/changes in salary scale it will then only be needed to update the salary scale and not individually change each employee's salary
  • Two factor identification, using Microsoft Authenticator

It is important that the selected bid to stay up to date with relevant tax laws and has an effective error management system. Also, payroll vendors must offer the ability to add additional users and employees to NPA account

You may also in the offer describe

  • which added services will be offered over time and the cost for it

Please send your offer on PDF along with other supporting documents, to the following e-mail address: ardianas@npaid.org; and copy clausn@npaid.org and emepus459@npaid.or

All enquires related to the RFQ including any request for information and clarification are to be directed to the following e-mail address: ardianas@npaid.org with copy to clausn@npaid.org

Closing date/time 
Deadline for sending offer is Friday 14.06.2024 at 16:00

Note: The selected supplier hereby acknowledges that it will be screened against applicable sanctions lists prior to entering into agreement and every six months following the agreement date. The selected supplier shall provide all necessary information and documentation to the Norwegian People's Aid for the purpose of such screening. If the selected supplier is found to be listed on a sanctions list, the Norwegian People's Aid reserves the right to select the next best bidder. In case an agreement has already been signed with a supplier and the supplier is found to be listed on a sanctions list after the agreement is signed, the Norwegian People's Aid reserves the right to immediately cancel the agreement and any related 

Ardiana Sallova 
Senior Logistics Officer 
Mine Action and Disarmament, Kosovo 
Norwegian People's Aid 
+383 46 144 104

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