Call for Expert Consultancies: Phase 2 (2024 – 2029) of the IWRM-K Program

The “Integrated Water Resources Management in Kosovo” (IWRM-K) Program is seeking qualified international, regional, and national experts to join our Roster of Experts for consultancies during our recently launched Phase 2 (2024 – 2029).

How to Apply: Visit https://skat.ch/jobs/ for detailed information on duties, responsibilities, qualification requirements, and the application process at https://skat.ch/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/Request-for-Experession-of-Interest_Roster.pdf

Learn More About IWRM-K: For more information about the IWRM-K Program, visit https://iwrm-k.com/home.

Application Deadline: 17 June 2024, 16:00 CEST

Contact Information: For additional queries, please contact us at skatconsultingkosovo@skat.ch

We encourage everyone to apply, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or any other characteristic. We look forward to your applications and to working together to manage Kosovo's water resources effectively.

Kategoria Menaxhment
Skadon 17/06/24 (Ka skaduar!)
Orari Full Time
Lokacioni Prishtinë
KosovaJob është rrjeti më i madh i punësimit në Kosovë i certifikuar nga Bureau Veritas me ISO 9001:2015 Standardet për kualitet