Roster Call for Experts

Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC)

Roster Call for Experts

VACANCY TYPE: Consultancy / Service Contract

FIELD OF EXPERTISE: Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE), CSO management

LOCATION: Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia



ATRC’s Resilient Community Program  aims to increase local community agency of Prevention of Violent Extremism and Rehabilitation and Reintegration (R&R) by building capacities of key actors and foster a local multi-stakeholder approach. 

The Program includes:

“Resilience and Inclusive Communities” funded by the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund, implemented together with partners BIRN Kosovo, Community Building Mitrovica, and Rin’ON. 

The main target groups of this project are:

  • Central and local government institutions and frontline workers;
  • Local Civil Society Organisations (CSOs);
  • Other local non-state actors, in particular youth;
  • Returnees/former terrorist offenders and their families/caregivers.

The project’s four main objectives are:

  1. Strengthening central and local level institutional operational and knowledge capacities;
  2. Strengthening operational and knowledge capacities of local CSOs and other local non-state actors;
  3. Reducing youth vulnerability towards violent extremism by increasing their sense of purpose and improving social cohesion;
  4. Raising community awareness to reduce stigmatisation of returnees and other marginalised groups.

In addition, the project will provide individual support to foster the rehabilitation and reintegration of returnees/former terrorist fighters and their families/caregivers.

“Strengthening the multistakeholder approach to prevent youth violence and build resilience”, a regional project funded by Smart Balkans, implemented together with partners Counselling Line for Women and Girls (CLWG) in Albania and Pleiades in North Macedonia.

The main target groups of this project are:

  • Local government institutions/ mechanisms/ workers including municipality staff, multidisciplinary teams or equivalent mechanisms, frontline workers; 
  • Non-state actors working on this thematic including CSOs and families; 
  • Youth mechanisms, in particular youth centers and youth-led CSOs.

The project’s four main objectives are:

  1.  Local state and non-state PVE actors have improved capacities to use a local multistakeholder approach to plan, implement and evaluate initiatives on extremist violence prevention and building resilient youth and communities; 
  2. Youth centers have improved capacities to plan, implement and evaluate initiatives on preventing violence against and among youth, including PVE; 
  3. State and non-state PVE actors have established a regional communication channel and have exchanged good practices and lessons learned at a regional level; 
  4. More information is available on the capacities, implementation and evaluation of work of different state and non-state PVE actors.

ATRC looks to establish a roster of experts and consultants for contractual engagement in ATRC’s Resilient Community Program current and future projects and thereby calls for applications of qualified, experienced experts in the focus areas mentioned above.


ATRC often requires the support of expertise of consultants to provide services to specific target groups and in specific areas. This roster will serve as a pool of qualified candidates who can be contacted directly to indicate their interest and availability. The selected experts will be engaged on a needs basis for specific tasks. 

This could include but is not limited to:

Open to applicants from Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia:

  • Design and deliver training modules for CSOs on Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Cycle Management, Risk Management, etc.
  • Provide mentoring support to CSOs on topics of Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Cycle Management, Risk Assessment, etc. 
  • Conduct trainings on the topic of PVE and R&R for state and non-state actors 

Open to applicants from Kosovo only:

  • Conduct a stakeholder mapping on PVE actors at the local level
  • Conduct multistakeholder workshops with state and non-state actors at the local level 
  • Conduct trainings with youth-led CSOs and youth centers on operational capacities including Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Cycle Management, Risk Management, etc.
  • Develop research products on PVE at the local level 
  • Financial empowerment training for individuals and business start-ups 
  • Critical thinking activities with youth

Successful candidates’ placement on the roster indicates only that they meet the qualifications and skills for the upcoming tasks identified by ATRC but does not imply any guarantee of employment. ATRC encourages candidates from different parts of Kosovo and from different religious, ethnic and social backgrounds to apply and become a part of the organisation.  


Renumeration will be based on the volume, duration and complexity of the particular consultancy and its deliverables.


Interested candidates should submit their CV and Application Form with the subject “RCP Consultancy” to procurement@advocacy-center.org no later than Monday 10th of June.

Click here to obtain Application Form.



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