Role: Remote Thumbnail Designer

Role Overview

We are seeking an extremely talented thumbnail designer to join our Creative Team. The ideal candidate is someone who has a passion for capturing the essence of a story in a single thumbnail, possesses a unique talent for graphic design, and has a strong passion for building communities. This role requires a unique blend of creative communication and passion for design.

Role Deliverables

  • Story research:
    • Research the story you are creating thumbnails for,
    • Identify photos and assets that are essential to the story,
    • Identify similar successful thumbnails,
    • Stay current with industry best practices, emerging trends, and platform-specific requirements.

  • Design thumbnails for Snapchat and Youtube:
    • Coordinate with the Creative Team to identify the thumbnail angles for each video,
    • Capture the story in each thumbnail,
    • Design Snapchat thumbnails every day for each of the 4 shows,
    • Design Youtube thumbnails.

  • Innovative creative:
    • Identify new trending thumbnail formats,
    • Test new approaches for thumbnail designs.

  • Revision:
    • Gather feedback on thumbnails from the Creative Team.
    • Work with the Creative Team to ensure smooth workflow handoffs.
    • Review previous thumbnail performances and incorporate them into future thumbnail designs to optimize video click-through rates.

  • Team Collaboration:
    • Work closely with the Creative Team, Clients, the Managing Director, and other stakeholders to produce your work to the highest quality.
    • Participate in brainstorming sessions and provide constructive feedback to peers.
    • Work closely with the Scriptwriter to align on story narratives.

  • In touch with Gen Z culture:
    • Stay updated with Gen Z preferences and cultural nuances.
    • Understand Gen Z references, slang, and emojis.
    • Design thumbnails with a Gen Z audience in mind where relevant.

  • Meet all deadlines.
    • Work hard to deliver daily thumbnails to a high standard.
    • Identify and turn around time-sensitive thumbnails as they arise.
    • Work long hours if needed.

Skills and Experience

  1. Preference given to Generation Zers.
  2. Degree in Graphic Design or similar.
  3. 2 years of thumbnail design experience.
  4. Expert in Photoshop and similar design softwares.
  5. Fluent in English.

Role Logistics

  1. Full-time remote position.
  2. Salary: €1200 - €1800 per month.
  3. Role start: Flexible.

 Don’t Buy Media Team Qualities

  1. Excellent communicator.
  2. Innovator who finds new, engaging ways to tell stories.
  3. Strong appetite for learning.

Interview stages.

  1. First test: Design a thumbnail based on a brief.
  2. Interview.
  3. Potential Second Test: Design a thumbnail based on a video.
  4. Role offer.

About Us

Don’t Buy Media is a Gen Z media start-up. We build Gen Z community by Gen Z across Gen Z’s platforms for brands and ourselves. Visit dontbuymedia.com for more information.


If interested please send the following to hiring@dontbuymedia.com in English:

  1. Subject: Thumbnail Designer - [NAME]
  2. A sentence on why you’re the best fit for this role.
  3. Share 5+ thumbnails you’ve designed before with the video links.
  4. Your CV.

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Skadon 08/06/24 (14 ditë)
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