Contact Center Manager 
Head Office – Pristina 


Contact Center Manager is responsible for overseeing customer service operations, achieving business  targets, managing change, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the contact center. 

The success of the Contact Center Manager is measured through the achievement of customer service  targets, meeting business goals, successful change management, team development leading to  continuous improvement, budget adherence, strategic contribution to the overall Contact Center  strategy, and effective analytical reporting. This role is crucial for the business as it directly influences  customer satisfaction, brand image, and operational efficiency. By ensuring a positive customer  experience and aligning contact center operations with broader organizational goals, the Contact Center  Manager plays a pivotal role in achieving business objectives, maintaining high employee morale, and  contributing strategically to the overall success and reputation of the organization. 


  • The accountabilities collectively ensure that the Contact Center Manager plays a central role in  driving excellence, managing resources effectively, fostering a positive and high-performing  team, and strategically contributing to the success of the entire organization. 
  • Develop and execute contact center policies and procedures as well as standards of service in  accordance with business strategy and regulations. 
  • Lead the contact center to achieve and exceed customer service targets, ensuring timely  resolution of queries and issues, and maintaining high customer satisfaction scores 
  • Meet or surpass key performance indicators (KPIs) related to contact center operations,  contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the business 
  • Implementation of change initiatives within the contact center, minimizing disruptions, and  ensuring successful resolution of conflicts within the team or with clients. 
  • Constantly monitors the current processes and tools, and focuses on improvement of them in  alignment with the business model requirements and digitalization  
  • Leads and manages the subordinated staff by inspiring them, motivating, monitoring and  providing continuous feedback  
  • Develop and achieve effective resource plans within budget constraints, ensuring cost effectiveness and efficiency in contact center operations. 
  • Align contact center activities with the broader organizational strategy, contributing strategically  to the overall success and objectives of the business. 
  • Provide timely and accurate reporting on key contact center metrics, utilizing data-driven  insights to make informed decisions at both operational and strategic levels.
  • Recognize and address performance issues, implementing a system of rewards for high  performance, and fostering a positive and results-focused work culture. 
  • Contribute effectively to the overall Contact Center strategy, analyzing data, and providing  valuable insights for continuous improvement and strategic decision-making. 
  • Collaborating with functional leads to ensure that contact center employees are equipped with  all needed information about ongoing changes related to their respected areas. 
  • Building and maintaining effective internal relationships, collaborating with other departments. 


  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field, providing a foundational understanding of business,  management, or a related discipline. 
  • The Contact Center Manager should have a minimum of 5 years' experience in contact center  management, demonstrating a proven track record of successfully leading teams and achieving  operational excellence. 
  • A strong background in utilizing and managing contact center tools and technologies is essential  for optimizing operations and delivering high-quality customer service. 
  • A proven record of achievements in improving contact center efficiency, enhancing customer  satisfaction, and meeting or exceeding performance targets. 
  • Fluency in Local Language required (Written and spoken) 
  • Fluency in English required (Written and spoken) 

Apply through the website link: www.fincakosovo.org

Only selected candidates will be contacted. The application deadline is until 26.05.2024 

FINCA Kosovo is part of the FINCA Impact Finance network, a group of 19 microfinance institutions  and banks that provides socially responsible financial services and enables low-income individuals  and communities to invest in their futures.

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