Department:                           Housekeeping

Reports to:                             Executive Housekeeper

Responsible for:                   Room Attendants-Public Area Attendants


Responsible for managing the daily HK operation on the floor and providing cleaning supplies and equipment to the team, working on the floor. Undertakes any other responsibility assigned by Executive Housekeeper.


  • Receive information from Front Office about departures ,arrivals, VIP rooms  etc. Assign rooms to be prepared to the team on the floor and assure that rooms and corridors are cleaned to Access standards. Inspect the rooms and make them complete, correct / ask for maintenance where needed and sign off the vacant clean status of the room. Prepare Floor Supervisor Report of the day/shift.
  • Prepare maid report for the team on the floor and update changes during the shift.
  • Assist floor maid during preparation of the VIP rooms before final sign off and approval by Executive Housekeeper.
  • Train the team on the job and also on cleaning supplies and where and how to use those correctly. Train his/her team on usage of equipment and machinery. Assure that rooms are cleaned in line with hygiene standarts.
  • Control usage of cleaning supplies for cost management and to avoid waste.
  • Follow up the operation of chemical dosage pumps, check that they are working correctly.
  • Make sure that guest and back of the house stairs are vacuumed and mobbed, corridor crapet is vacuumed, ashtrays are cleaned, elevator doors are cleaned, armchairs and artworks are dusted, before in-room cleaning starts.
  • Review FO/HK room discrepancy report, check the actual status on the floor, check number of people staying in the room and report the results to Executive Housekeeper.
  • Check the cleanliness and tidiness of the HK floor offices and the stock level of linen and supplies. Follow up on usage turnover and prepare request forms to get more from the storage by approval of the Housekeeper. Arrange distribution of these goods to the floor offices.
  • Make sure that cleaning supplies and equipment are used properly and cleaned/ stored neatly after usage.
  • Check cleanliness of the public areas and guest corridors under his/her reponsibility.
  • Protect debited stuff to him and secure/follow up on the key inventory debited to himself.
  • Report broken and/or missing amenities to FO in writing, while checking the rooms.
  • Strictly control that the hygiene and tidiness of the housekeeping team is up to standards from uniforms to grooming. Make sure that housekeeping team adhere to their specified working hours as well as departmental policies and procedures.
  • Assure that all HK services are carried out in a safe environment.
  • Create team spirit among the team and motivate them. Solve the problems within the team and report these problems to Executive Housekeeper.
  • Check that HK floor trolleys are stocked properly and parked at the right spot.
  • Check for faults and maintenance needs in his/her assigned territory and prepare maintenance request form for engineering. Follow up on the attendance and call for cleaning after the maintenance is completed.
  • Follow up on out of service rooms to get those back to service.
  • Liase with laundry for the turnover of dirty linen and  check that spots are removed properly from the linen.
  • Check that guest laundry forms are filled in and dirty laundry is received in line with the form information. Follow up the return of the guest laundry and delivery to the guest room on time.
  • Get directly involved in guest problem handling and report results to Executive Housekeeper.
  • Train the team for smiling and polite service to make guests feel at home. Make the planning of the cleaning needs of the guest areas and assure guests are not disturbed during cleaning activities.
  • Prepare shift handover and note the outstanding points in the handover log book and follow up on completion.
  • Report lost and found and log these according to the procedure. These items are to be stored in the lost and found storage and returned to guests according to the procedure.
  • Follow up on the pest control calendar prepared by Executive Housekeeper.
  • Make basic flower arrangements.
  • Assist Executive Housekeeper in preparing departmental inventory.
  • Participate at departmental communication meetings held by the Executive Housekeeper and assure that the outcome is properly executed and the results are reported back.
  • At the end of the day :
  • Lock the floor offices of his assiged floors.
  • Make sure that dirty linen on the floors are returned to laundry.
  • Log and distribute master keys to the team and receive those by the end of the shift and logs receipt.
  • Responsible for good and disciplined interdepartmental communication and leading as example.
  • Adhere to all departmental procedures and standards.
  • Adhere to Fire Health & Safety regulations of the hotel and make sure his/her team adhere to. Take precautions against fire and accidents. Know emergency procedures and apply as and when needed.
  • Keep all hotel equipment, furniture and fixture in good condition.
  • Maintain neat and clean attire in line with Access grooming standarts.
  • Undertake other responsibilities assigned by his/her manager.
  • Represent Executive Housekeeper in his/her absence or when assigned to.


Education: Minimum highschool graduate

Experience: Minimum 3 years of Housekeeping experience

Other Qualifications:  Able to use Opera software, good level of spoken and written English, good at using MS Office programs, has management skills, skilled on time management and planning, attention to detail, good follow up skills, a team player, good management skills, presents positive behavior under stress, self motivated, customer focused and has good knowledge of cleaning supplies and usage.

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