Design of an Integrated Service Delivery Center (ISC) In Prishtina: Office Space Design

The World Bank

Design of an Integrated Service Delivery Center (ISC) In Prishtina: Office Space Design

  • ISSUE DATE AND TIME: Feb 08,2024 20:22
  • CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Feb 29,2024 23:59

The World Bank is inviting consulting firms to submit Expressions of Interest for the preparation of a detailed design of an Integrated Service Center (ISC) to be established in a government building in Prishtina. The primary goal of this ISC is to enhance public service delivery by bridging gaps between the government and the people; complementing the ongoing government effort on the launch of the eKosova platform.We are seeking a team of qualified experts with a demonstrated track record in performing the tasks described in the ToR. References and example of previous work are required and should be included in the proposal.Currently; the Government of Kosovo (GoK) and the World Bank team are preparing for the implementation of a new GovTech project called “Strengthening Digital Governance for Service Delivery (P178162)”. This project aims to improve the quality of; and user access to selected public administrative services. It builds upon the World Bank’s recent advisory support to digital governance and service delivery; as well as the advancements in connectivity under the Kosovo Digital Economy (KODE) project.The design of the ISC is going to be conducted through two parallel assignments. In this office space design assignment; the Consultants will assist the GoK in designing the office space for the ISC in Prishtina. The focus is on crafting an office environment that supports the ISC's operational goals; drawn from reviewing best practices and a feasibility study carried out through the functional design assignment. This includes optimizing space for functionality; technology integration; and ensuring an inclusive environment. The scope may extend to creating bidding documents and estimates; with the possibility of overseeing the project's execution phase.Procurement type: CompetitiveCategory: Contract consultants or FirmMaterial group: Professional ServiceProcurement method: RFP Capabilities:Experience: Proven track record in office space design; especially for public or government facilities; with a focus on creating environments that enhance work efficiency and service delivery.Expertise: Ability in designing office spaces that are functional; user-friendly; and integrated with modern technology solutions; emphasizing innovative and sustainable design principles.Legal Compliance: Compliance with all Kosovo's architectural; environmental; and workplace regulations for office design and construction.Team Composition: A diverse team that includes a Project Manager; Architectural Designer; Interior Designer; ICT Systems Integrator; Environmental and Accessibility Consultants; each with relevant experience in their field.Language Proficiency: English proficiency is crucial for effective communication; coordination; and documentation of the project.

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