Temporary side job for Students or Craftsman

Atelier Kreuzer

Temporary side job for Students or Craftsman

Austrian Artist is searching for help with handicraft works on a sculpture projekt in Pristina.

Working date will be 14 days in a row in the last two weeks of March from 17.03.2024 - 30.03.2024

Working time will be 8 hours each day

Working location: Pristina

Payment: per hour

Qualifications needed:

  1. You are a Student or Craftsman who has time free to work for 14 days in a row in march.
  2. You speak a good english.
  3. No experience is needed as I will give you detailed instructions but fine motor skills are very required!
  4. The time frame for this project is very limited, thats why it is important that you are reliable and make sure to be fully available at the work date.

Working description:

First task is to carve gemstones and mother of pearl in geometric shapes with small carving tools and bench grinders. All tools will be there at the workshop in Pristina. Next step is glueing the carved parts together. The end product will be a artwork/sculpture.

Please send your e-mail to atelierkreuzer@gmx.net with your contact details and a description why you fit to this job.

Kategoria Punë të Përgjithshme
Skadon 09/03/24 (13 ditë)
Orari Full Time
Lokacioni Prishtinë
KosovaJob është rrjeti më i madh i punësimit në Kosovë i certifikuar nga Bureau Veritas me ISO 9001:2015 Standardet për kualitet