Junior IT Recruiter

  • Salary: $640 - $700 per month
  • 100% Remotely
  • Full-time (or 30h/week) with flexible working hours
  • Unique opportunity to start on the business career path and work in a fast-paced startup environment

Would you like to work for the most innovative startups in the US and international clients? You've come to the right place! DevsData LLC connects talented programmers with the most desirable job offers from around the world.


  • Great command of English (B2 minimum)
  • Availability at minimum 30-35 hours a week
  • The ability to organize tasks independently and work effectively with minimal supervision
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • The ability to prioritize goals/tasks; monitor and follow them up
  • Good knowledge of MS Word and Excel or Google Sheets and Google Docs

You’re an ideal candidate if you:

  • A person who thinks in multiple threads and is willing to dig deeper and deliver different solutions while thinking of their possible consequences
  • And are/were a member of a student organization, a non-university organization, or a volunteer
  • Interested in Recruitment or IT
  • Confident in a fast-paced and ever-changing dynamic environment
  • Motivated to get to know many business spheres and get promoted quickly
  • You were a student in the field related to Business, Psychology, or Computer Science
  • You have some experience in conducting end-to-end recruitment processes.


  • Preparation of recruitment strategies and proposing actions necessary to implement the prepared strategies
  • Searching for candidates for individual recruitment processes as needed
  • Verifying the candidate's soft skills
  • Preparation and expansion of the candidate database
  • Frequent communication with clients
  • Conducting international IT recruitment processes
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns and sources of acquiring candidates

What do we offer?

  • Unique, one-in-a-million opportunity to work for international clients, corporations (yes, this year we provided recruitment services for BCG and BP), startups from demanding industries, hedge funds from Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Opportunity to start on your business career path with a diversified range of tasks and responsibilities from the very beginning of work - with us, you will not be bored and perform repetitive activities!
  • A unique opportunity to develop business skills in combination with the technological area on the international market
  • Mentoring program - from the very beginning, you will get a dedicated mentor-manager who will help you every step of the way and from whom you will learn a lot
  • Remote work - if you want, you can work from Hawaii 
  • Flexibility: In the event of mandatory university classes, slight adjustments to the schedule are acceptable to accommodate attendance. However, we do expect individuals to primarily work during core Polish business hours (10:00 - 18:00 Polish time), with limited flexibility, such as a schedule from 7:00 - 15:00, or starting at 6:00.

Get to know DevsData!DevsData LLC is a premium recruitment agency & consulting company providing its services to clients from all around the world. Agility, constant adaptation to dynamically changing environmental conditions, and the creation of our own, unique solutions are our hallmarks. We believe in the power of brainstorming and experimentation, as well as learning through failure. Challenges and complex projects are not something we are afraid of, which is why our motto is: "For demanding clients and challenging projects".

Find out more: https://devsdata.com/

All the interested candidates can apply through the button "Apliko Këtu" or by email recruitment@devsdata.com



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