The Innovation and Training Park (ITP) Prizren is creating an innovation ecosystem through bringing together major actors in the innovation system, therefore support the entrepreneurial innovation. These actors include innovative, technology-oriented and creative businesses and start-ups, educational institutions, vocational training providers, civil society organizations and public stakeholders.

The ITP Prizren is the former German KFOR base and is composed of 40 hectares and around 50 buildings

ITP Prizren is announcing as following:

Tender for Accounting and Tax Consulting Services

ITP Prizren invites qualified companies to request the tender dossier for the following tasks:

  1. Monthly accounting services (ITP utilizes accounting software QuickBooks);
  2. Preparation and filling of all related monthly taxes
  3. Preparation of annual financial statements in accordance with reporting requirements;
  4. Preparation and filling of annual tax.
  5. Prepare Quarterly Reporting for Board of Directors.


Request for tender documents and questions regarding the activity must be sent by e-mail with reference number in the subject line: ITP/CP11, to procurement@itp-prizren.com before 16.02.2024.

The responsible ITP officer will provide you with tender documents within a day.

All the correspondence should be in English language.

Submission of tenders:

The deadline for submission of the full tender documents is

20 February 2024 at 16:00.

Detailed instructions on what information your bid should contain and how it should be presented are given in the Annexes (Tender Notification and ToR). If you have any further questions in this connection, please contact the responsible officer via procurement@itp-prizren.com.

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