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Technical Sales Person

To help our customers must be familiar with our products: Electronic components, materials and multimedia items. If you visit our website you will find a large number of products. You may think that you should know all existing and new ones, but it is not like that. What you must know is the functionality of the product groups, find a products in the system which will find complete information about them. Even then as sales person, with your advice you will help them to choose what they need (and often customers do not know what they need, because technology moves rapidly forward conceivable that it is impossible anyone to follow). Mostly for one problem we have more solutions that you explain and advise the customers how to use, thus technology aimed at facilitating the everyday. The knowledge of English should be at level of conversation. You have to be positive and to transfer our customers confidence that he has the optimum solution, and even if he don`t know how to use the product, he won`t  be left alone! This message should convey to our customer that actually is not a lie, that's exactly right!



  • Mandatory experience in working with computers, Internet, Microsoft office ...;
  • communication, dynamics and flexibility;
  • accuracy, reliability;
  • team-oriented, encouraging and building mutual trust, respect and collaboration among team members;
  • Time management, respecting deadlines;
  • basic knowledge of LOGING Electronics products;
  • driving Licence.

What we offer: Besides knowledge of our products you will have a chance to become familiar with new technological solutions, three-digit number of people that you will contact everyday, dynamic environment.

* Testing required.

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Number of available working positions: 2 (two)  

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Skadon 27/02/24 (Ka skaduar!)
Orari Full Time
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