Senior Data Engineer - Remote Friendly

What to expect
  • As a Senior Data Engineer at URA Media, your role is to harness the power of billions of data points, architecting state-of-the-art platforms that will empower teams across the organization to unlock deep, impactful insights.
  • Architect High Quality Data Infrastructure: Use your expertise to build and maintain cutting-edge data infrastructure that enables end users from across the business to access timely, accurate data with ease.
  • Empower Data Consumers: Work closely with end users to develop data models and pipelines that will support a wide variety of use cases, from analysis and reporting to machine learning and product innovation.
  • Innovate with Data: Continuously explore new data technologies, testing and POC-ing the most promising solutions to understand how they might enhance our data capabilities.
  • Champion Efficiency: Maximize the value we derive from our data infrastructure, by working on behalf of data scientists and other end users to develop industrialized solutions that marry high levels of performance with cost-effectiveness.
  • Collaborate & Lead: Engage with cross-functional teams, from developers and data scientists to product managers. Mentor, share knowledge, and champion data engineering best practices in our quest for excellence.
  • Our majority Tech stack is: Python/FastAPI and React with some projects in Node.js, Rust, React Native.
  • ○ Mandatory knowledge: Git, Docker. Nice to haves: AWS, Terraform.
Your profile
  • Architecture & System Design: Your architectural insight isn't just about connecting pieces; it's about crafting efficient, scalable, and robust data architectures. With an eye towards the future, you design systems that cater to the now but are also adaptable for what comes next. Ensuring data integrity, optimizing performance, or integrating various systems, you've consistently architected solutions that stand the test of time.
  • Passion & Drive: Your interaction with large datasets transcends mere engagement; it’s driven by a genuine passion. Deriving meaningful insights and driving business decisions is your forte. When others see overwhelming complexity, you see a challenge waiting to be surmounted.
  • Continuous Learning: A growth mindset is at the core of your professional journey. Always updated with the latest in data engineering, you continually seek out new technologies and techniques, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in data capabilities. Engaging, discussing, and advocating for these advancements within your community is just an extension of your ethos.
  • Teamwork & Leadership: Individually, your contributions set the gold standard. But you're not just about individual brilliance; you recognize the collective's significance. Imparting knowledge, guiding the team, and promoting collaboration are integral to how you operate, ensuring that your expertise enriches everyone around you.

Skills & Qualifications
  • Coding: Your proficiency in Python is commendable, and you are intimately familiar with the data engineering tools landscape, especially tools like Airflow and DBT. Mastery over SQL is one of the many arrows in your quiver.
  • Big Data: You don't just work within the confines of traditional SQL databases. Your expertise spans both SQL and NoSQL databases. When the conversation shifts to deploying distributed computing jobs, your experience with platforms like Spark and Hadoop stands out. Streaming pipelines, be they Kafka, Kinesis, Beam, or Flink, are realms you navigate with ease.
  • Cloud: Deploying big data infrastructure is second nature to you, with proven prowess using tools like Terraform on platforms such as AWS. Your knowledge doesn't stop at just infrastructure; you're deeply familiar with managed services, be it S3, Redshift, EMR, or others.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
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Skadon 13/02/24 (Ka skaduar!)
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