We are a recruitment and employment agency operating in a fe w European countries and we assist companies in finding the right workforce. We deal with the recruitment of temporary and permanent workers for positions in various fields of work: hospitality, construction, production, textile industry, transport, etc. Our teams of recruiting agents are experts who specialize in finding the right staff in Asia for companies in European countries, while our European teams connect with local employers for whom we shortlist and bring the required staff. We hope to see our clients and recruited workers in what we all know as a win-win situation!

Job description

  • Your daily tasks will include
  • Contacting potential clients: you are the voice and face of Connection Project in Kosovo, neighboring countries, and other EU member states
  • Arranging and attending video-conferences and face-to-face meetings with clients
  • Maintaining a neat record of your calls and meetings
  • Developing a strategy for our potential clients (‘’hot leads’’) whose contact details we provide to you daily to approach and present them our tailored recruitment program
  • Taking part in team meetings with other members of our Kosovan team working remotely, as well as in meetings with Connection Project teams in other countries
  • Taking part in coordinating communication between the clients and our legal/administration team
  • Daily communication with our teams in Asia and Europe (for English-speaking colleagues)


Requirements and qualifications:

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Outstanding negotiation skills
  • Experience in and passion for sales
  • Ability to multitask, an affinity for learning new skills and developing sales strategies
  • Attention to detail
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office/Google Drive
  • Driving license (category B) may come in handy but is not a requirement
  • Language: apart from mandatory native, English is a big advantage

What we expect:

  • Reaching and exceeding monthly targets
  • Cooperating with your home team, as well as with our teams in Asia and Europe
  • By understanding the system and culture of our Connection Project world, we wish to see you grow with us and go that extra mile - take us off the beaten track even in search for hidden treasures
  • Prolific ideas, taking initiative and responsibility
  • Show us you are capable of running the show single-handedly

What we offer to you:

Our remuneration package will meet your expectations: starting salary of 700 E and a monthly bonus starting from 350 E
Two types of bonuses that will make your eyes sparkle
An experience of working in a multicultural company with colleagues supporting you in the office as well as from our offices in different time zones

You in Connection Project

  • Starting Salary: 700 €

If you are driven by taking on the challenges of sales and your heart skips a beat when we say that your minimum monthly bonus is 350 E - 700 E, then we are your match!
As an employer, we nurture transparent, open communication from the moment we meet you and on a daily basis. We agree with the famous saying that ‘’growth must be chosen again and again’’ and by all means. We wish to see you shine and thrive with us. That’s our promise to you!
Email to apply: connectionproject.kosovo@gmail.com

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