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Nutrition and Physical Activity Specialist



Post Title: Nutrition and Physical Activity Specialist

Contract type: Consultant

Duration: 3 Months

Starting date:1st July 2019

Place: Prishtina

Background Multiple Cluster Indicator Survey (MICS) 2013- 2014 shows that less than half of children in Kosovo aged 6-23 months receive a minimum acceptable diet, primarily because of lack of dietary diversity. A focus group with pediatricians, conducted by Action for Mothers and Children, suggests that Malnutrition and Gastrointestinal diseases pose a serious threat among children in Kosovo, as according to pediatricians, a high number of children were diagnosed with the diseases. This is a particular challenge in the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities and the poorest quintile. According to the 2013-2014 MICS, about 4 per cent of under five-year olds in Kosovo are moderately or severely stunted. The figure is higher among Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children under five (15%), and is 26 per cent among the poorest quintile of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian population.

Based on results from systematic check-ups in primary schools in Pristina Municipality in 2016, the main and most concerning medical condition is obesity among children. The same report of Main Family Medicine Center in Prishtina, shows that obesity is increasing each year, being 17, 9% in 2014 and 22,3% in 2016, which shows a 4.4 percent point increase in only two years. According to these findings, every fifth child is obese, an alarming rate that needs to be addressed as a serious matter.

Action for Mothers and Children, supported by UNICEF Kosovo are working on the ongoing program that aims to support the integration of early child care and pre-school education and to create enabling environment for school institutions to promote child healthy feeding, healthy behavior in a way that will progressively contribute to achieve their full potential.

We are going to create a multi-sectoral technical working group, which will work to integrate child care and education and to advocate for more targeted action to address the issue of obesity/malnutrition of pre-school and school aged children.

To achieve its targets in a timely manner the multi-sectoral technical working group requires additional support and expertise on a temporary basis.

Purpose of the Consultancy

The local consultant will support the multi-sectoral technical working group under the MoH and MEST to develop the guideline or menus for healthy feeding and physical activities for pre and primary school’s children.  The aim of the guidelines and recommendations for child healthy feeding and physical activities is to integrate into the teaching and learning programs of pre-school and primary school institutions.

The consultant will:

  • Conduct a situational analysis regarding nutrition and physical activities in pre-schools and primary schools in Kosovo;
  • In collaboration with the multi-sectorial technical working group, provide guidance on priority actions to be taken;
  • Support the unit with the development of materials for nutrition and physical activities in pre-schools and primary schools, with a focus on nutrition menu’s that will be shared with children;
  • In cooperation with multi-sectorial technical working group, develop tools, guidelines and recommendations for child healthy feeding and physical activities which will be integrated into the teaching and learning programs of pre-school and primary school institutions.

Deliverables and timeframe

The expected starting for the assignment is 15 June 2019, for a total 20 working days in three consecutive months. Within the time foreseen by the assignment the following methodology and time allocation is foreseen: 



Due date

Working days

Outline a detailed workplan and timeframe. 

Submit to AMC the workplan

1st week

1 day

Review existing materials (Strategy for health promoting schools in Kosovo, relevant education curricula framework, Administrative instruction on the healthy nutrition of children on the upbringing-education and training institutions of the pre-university education, and other relevant documents)

Submit the draft outline

3rd week

5 days

Outline the draft guideline based on the reviewed materials

Submit the draft outline

6th week

5 days

Conduct one day meeting with the established working group to draw practical suggestions on the use of the guideline and their expectations. 

Presentation of the first draft and consultation with the working group

7th week

1 day

Consolidate recommendations

Submit the second draft

8th week

1 day

Meet with the working group – 2 meetings


2nd week

2 days

Draft a solid draft for review to AMC

Submit the draft to AMC for review

10th week

3 days

Finalize the guideline/menu based on the inputs and recommendations drawn from the working group

Submit the final guideline in Albanian language to AMC, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Education

12th week

2 days

Accountabilities and Responsibilities
The Consultant will be responsible for ensuring the timely completion of all deliverables meeting defined and agreed quality standards.

Qualifications of Successful Candidate
University degree in health, nutrition and dietetics or sport sciences, with experience in food policy or nutrition issues, and physical activity as well, are required.

The candidate should have a good knowledge about the relationship between physical activity and nutrition and the impact that these two components have on children.

Fluency in Albanian and English languages is required.

Competencies of Successful Candidate
Able to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment.

Sets high standards for quality of work and consistently achieves project goals.

Demonstrates, applies and shares expert technical knowledge across the working group.

Qualified candidates are requested to submit a CV, letter of interest highlighting previous experience, and financial offer to with subject line “Nutrition and Physical Activity Specialist” by 24th June 2019.

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