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Independent External Qualified Auditors




Independent External Qualified Auditors


Service Provision on Auditing the European Commission’s (EC) Supported Project “Empowering CSOs in Combatting Discrimination and Furthering Women’s Labour Rights”

  1. Background Information

In 2018-2021, KWN received support from the European Commission (EC) for a 46 months project entitled “Empowering CSOs in Combatting Discrimination and Furthering Women’s Labour Rights”.

We are an advocacy coalition of women’s rights CSOs from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia that has existed for more than two decades. Our experience includes coalition-building (across ethnic, religious and other divides), research, citizen engagement, sub-granting and evidence-based advocacy targeting national governments, the EU Commission, EU Member States (MSs) and MEPs. We are experienced with sub-granting, CSO capacity-building, anti-discrimination legislation, labour rights and voicing women’s concerns in EU accession processes. Evidence of poor implementation of antidiscrimination legislation, women’s unequal labour force participation and labour rights violations informed this Action. Its design involved a consultative process with all applicants, key stakeholders and our long-term partner, the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation.

The Overall Objective (OO) of the project is to Empower diverse civil society organizations (CSOs) in South East Europe (SEE) to effectively hold relevant institutions accountable for implementing anti-discrimination legislation related to women’s labour rights. Objectives of the action include Specific Objectives (SO): 1. Improve the impact of CSOs, particularly women’s rights and grassroots groups, in holding relevant institutions accountable to implementing anti-discrimination legislation related to women’s labour rights and empowering women to claim their rights. 2. Strengthen existing coalition of CSOs at regional and European Union (EU) level. 3. Improve enabling environment for CSOs to hold relevant institutions accountable, through better data availability, evidence, case law, and a more aware citizenry.

Three interrelated SOs will contribute to realizing the OO. Strengthening a coalition of diverse CSOs (including grassroots groups) in research, monitoring, advocacy, awareness-raising and strategic litigation (SO2) also will improve CSOs’ impact (SO1), empowering CSOs to hold institutions accountable (OO). Improving the enabling environment for CSOs to hold institutions accountable with better evidence, case law and more aware citizens (SO3), also will improve CSOs’ impact (SO1), empowering CSOs to hold institutions accountable for implementing anti-discrimination legislation related to women’s labour rights (OO). Key stakeholder groups include women, men, CSOs (esp. women’s rights and grassroots groups), judicial institutions, NGEMs, Ombudsperson institutions, legal aid providers, labour inspectorates, social partners (trade unions), EU offices and MSs at country level and in Brussels, MEPs and businesses. Consultations were held with women, CSOs, unions, NGEMs and key institutions in preparing this Action.

KWN seeks and independent external qualified Auditor for this project.

  1. Purpose and scope of the audit

The overall purpose is to audit the financial reports of the aforementioned project for the entire length of 46 months. The audit will happen after end of the each year and be concluded the final audit after the end of the project at March 2021. The first year of the project shall cover period of 22.03.2018 – 21.03.2019. The auditor shall meet the requirements set out in the Terms of Reference for expenditure verification in Annex VII off the original contract (Interested candidates may request the document via info@womensnetwork.org).

The value of the contract to be audited through 46 months of implementation is 1,098.776.00 euro.

  1. Deadline for submission of your offer

The contract shall start from 21 June 2019. The approximate timetable shall be as follows:

Tender announced              12 June

Tender due                         20 June

Tender awarded                  21 June

Auditing process                24 June – 28 June

First Oral Report                 28 June

First Draft Audit Report      29 June

Final Audit Report              02 July

  1. Submission and Evaluation of Bids

Please submit detailed proposal and financial offer by June 20, 2019 to info@womensnetwork.org with the subject “Audit Service for KWN”.

Proposals shall be evaluated by a commission based on quality compliance and lowest cost.

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