SOS Children's Villages Foundation Kosovo is a non-governmental social care organization dedicated to supporting abandoned and children in need, regardless of ethnicity, nationality or religion.

SOS Children’s Villages Kosovo is planning to engage a Company to develop a

Mobile app (IOS, Android) - that rewards its users who bike, walk and run- to implement MovelIT4SOS project. The aim of MovelITSOS, among other goals, is to raise funds – donations to support the work of SOS Children’s Village Kosovo.

We hereby invite you to bid in accordance with the following specification:

  1. Dashboard for the campaign – digital space for the campaign with real time data stats (number of companies involved, total kilometers bikes waled, CO2 emission)

-Short explanation of the campaign

- Total kilometers biked

-Total kilometers walked/ran

  • Total Green Kilometers (bike, walk, run)
  • Total CO2 emissions saved
  • Listed Company Partners – (their logos and company’s progress)
  • All stats are in real time
  • Company’s branded dashboard (price for one company)
  • In app rank list (price per one company)
  1. Tech Support during campaign – including full user support, dashboard/landing page preparation, maintenance and scalability of the platform:
  • Variable fee based on the number of companies/ partners involved in MovelITSOS project for:
  • Up to 10 companies/partners
  • 11-20 companies/partners
  • 21 – 31 companies/partners
  • Full tech support for easy scalability
  • Answer to any questions and solving any issues/concerns raised by dashboard users
  • Support for other technical requests/needs during the campaign
  • Adding new partners anytime during the campaign
  • App to be usable in two or more countries of the region
  1. Personalized Notifications & Newsfeed for participants – rewards and motivational quotes and messages.

Application criteria:

  • Company that has been operating for at least 3 years and has relevant experience
  • Company has relevant knowledge and previous experience for developing similar iOS/android apps
  • Company has knowledge on recent development of the smart phones apps
  • Company has previous experience in developing iOS/android apps for the needs of NGO
  • Company has previous experience in developing iOS/android apps for similar campaigns with the purpose of raising funds

Documents to be submitted:

  1. Business registration certificate
  2. Financial offer signed and stamped or with official logo
  3. Financial offer should include variable fee for:
  • Up to 10 companies/partners,
  • 11- 20 companies/partners and
  • 21- 31 companies/partners
  • One-time fee for company branded dashboard
  • In-app rank list
  1. Company portfolio
  2. State the date for submitting (developing) the app
  3. Reference or evidence of the experience in developing similar project/apps
  4. Contact: e-mail, Company telephone number

The bid validity must be (30 days) from the closing date of the Invitation to Bid

Selection criteria:

1.Fulfilment of specification according to our request

  1. Fastest app submission (development) date.
  2. After completing the specification, the cheapest price

The proposal has to be received by latest on: 19.06.2023 by the end of the day.

The bidders are welcome to submit their offer in electronically in PDF format and sent to procurement1@soskosova.org


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