USAID’s Kosovo Municipal Integrity (KMI) activity addresses long-standing challenges related to corruption and poor-quality service delivery by the Government of Kosovo by enhancing public financial management (PFM), with a focus on municipal procurement, and by reinforcing accountability mechanisms both within government and outside of government through civil society, the private sector, and media.

The four objectives of this activity are:

  1. National accountability agencies provide more effective and coordinated financial oversight.
  2. Governments increase use of good practices in budget planning, public procurement, and contract management.
  3. Government advances norms and practices that support internal audit and accountability.
  4. Civil society, media, and the private sector improve the integrity of public and private sector actors in public procurement.



The national data analysis expert will support KMI/Objective One and the Public Procurement Regulatory Commission’s Monitoring Department to expand their current monitoring activity with analysis of data and trends, which the PPRC Board can use to make data-driven decisions. This will involve support in functionalization of the analysis division and introduction of key performance indicators to analyze and measure fulfillment of general public procurement principles in Kosovo. The Advisor is also expected to cooperate with the team to improve the overall PPRC advice and support activity to contracting authorities. Furthermore, the analysis methodology will be tested over certain procurement datasets to validate its feasibility, effectiveness, and sustainability. The Advisor is also expected to provide coaching and recommend rules to standardize the adopted analysis methodology.

  • Expand current monitoring activity with analysis of trends and data to enable data-driven decision-making by:
    • Creating and updating key performance indicators referring to the fulfillment of general principles of procurement (based on OECD MAPS methodology or similar tool).
    • Supporting PPRC with definition of human resources profiles needed to carry out the analysis functions within the monitoring department, ensuring appropriate background to the scope.
    • Supporting the functionalization of the Analysis Division by providing on-the-job coaching to its staff.
  • Collaborate with PPRC and Objective One team to strengthen PPRC’s advice and support activity to contracting authorities, limited to specific projects that have a strategic relevance and complexity for the country.
  • Launch a pilot project over certain determined datasets aimed at testing in concrete the feasibility, effectiveness, and sustainability of the agreed analysis methodology.
  • Recommend rules, within the legislation in effect, aimed at regulating the procurement analysis process.
  • Economic/Management degree or equivalent
  • At least 5 years of work experience in the field of data analysis. International experience is an advantage.
  • Experience with statistical software, such as STATA, R, SPSS, or equivalent, is highly desirable.
  • Good management, analytical, problem-solving and communication skills
  • Experience with e-procurement system is an advantage.
  • This position will report to the Objective One Lead.

Please send your CV to email account: KMI_Recruitment@dai.com

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Skadon 29/05/23 (Ka skaduar!)
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