Researcher for Drafting a Policy Paper on the Kosovo Labor Inspectorate

Instituti për Politika Sociale - Musine Kokalari

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Researcher for Drafting a Policy Paper on the Kosovo Labor Inspectorate

The Institute for Social Policy “Musine Kokalari” seeks an experienced researcher to collaborate on the drafting of a policy paper that examines the needs, role, and organization of the Kosovo Labor Inspectorate.


The Institute for Social Policy “Musine Kokalari” is an independent think tank in Kosovo committed to promoting progressive policies aimed at creating a more just and equal society. Our focus is on achieving social cohesion through social equality and the coexistence of different cultures. We advocate for women's and workers' rights, cultural diversity, wealth redistribution, good governance, human rights, a clean environment, and better regional cooperation. We believe that democracy can only be achieved through a bottom-up approach and aim to foster regional networking among progressive think tanks to encourage informed and effective discussions on universal issues.


The project, titled "Policy Paper on the Needs, Role & Organization of the Labor Inspectorate," aims to identify the challenges faced by the Labor Inspectorate in fulfilling its duties and proposes solutions to improve its efficiency. The policy paper will examine the legal framework, size, and capacities of the Labor Inspectorate and propose reforms that align with European Union standards. The paper will be discussed with workers, employers, and other relevant stakeholders.


  • A postgraduate/PhD degree in a relevant field (economics, labor, law, public policy, etc.)
  • Research experience and experience in drafting policy papers
  • Fluency in Albanian and English

The selected candidate is expected to conduct research based on existing data in Kosovo, consult research and other important policy documents in relation to labor rights and labor departments in EU countries, conduct interviews with relevant stakeholders, and compile a policy paper with relevant recommendations for decision-makers regarding the Kosovo Labor Inspectorate. The researcher will report on a regular basis to the IPS Musine Kokalari Team and work jointly on the project.

Preferable: Work experience in the context of Kosovo.

The deadline for applications is April 16, 2023. The selected candidate will be notified by May 1, 2023. The work is expected to be done remotely.

To apply, please submit the following documents to info@musineinstitute.org with the subject line "CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Researcher for Drafting a Policy Paper on the Kosovo Labor Inspectorate":

  • CV
  • Cover Letter (please describe your work experience and how it relates to our project)
  • Any other relevant documents that can be used as evidence of experience and writing skills

Selection Process: Individuals who meet the requirements and are evaluated with the highest scores will be invited to an interview, where their work experience will be further considered.

General qualifications (up to 40 points); Adequacy for the Consultancy (up to 60 points); Total not to exceed 100 points.

The project is supported by the Community Development Fund - CDF and has the project number 017/2023.

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