Vacancy Announcement for Up to Youth Facilitators/Trainers


Vacancy Announcement for Up to Youth Facilitators/Trainers

Positions: Facilitators/Trainers

Project: Up to Youth

Application Deadline:  April 12, 2023

Number of position 3-6

Peer Educators Network (PEN), a subcontractor of the USAID Up to Youth activity, is seeking for qualified and experienced facilitators/trainers for long term assignments to be engaged in trainings in multiple municipalities. Facilitators/Trainers will support Objective Team Lead two by leading trainings on topics such: “Tolerance”, “Empathy”, “Social Media”, “Critical thinking” and “Mentorship” and other topics, for younger participants aged 15-18 and older youth participants aged 18-24.

  1. Background

The Up to Youth Activity in Kosovo is a five-year USAID-funded project that works to enhance Kosovo youth’s ability to contribute positively to the country's social, economic and political future. The goal of the activity is to increase youth resilience to social exclusion by building youth assets in soft and life skills; fostering youth agency to partner with resilience actors in their communities; providing authentic leadership opportunities for youth to contribute through awareness campaigns, projects and social ventures; and building enabling environments for youth empowerment by identifying and linking networks to amplify youth voices to effect and sustain positive change. The activity works in nine partner municipalities divided into three geographic areas: Cluster I include Hani i Elezit / Elez Han, Kaçanik / Kačanik, and Viti / Vitina; Cluster II includes Mitrovicë Jugore / Južna Mitrovica, Vushtrri / Vučitrn, and Skënderaj / Srbica, and Cluster III includes Istog/k, Klinë/a, and Gjakovë / Đakovica.

Over the five-year period, the Up to Youth activity work in its nine partner communities to meet the following Objectives. These three Objectives are interconnected and are mutually reinforcing: 

Objective 1: Mobilize youth to be forces for positive change.

Objective 2: Develop and demonstrate life/soft skills among youth. Objective 3: Develop, build, and support resilience partners in fostering an environment for youth to engage in a positive and meaningful way.

  1. Purpose of the Assignment

This assignment is related to Objective 2: Develop and demonstrate life/soft skills among youth, which aims to equip youth with the necessary skills to engage in meaningful ways and play active roles in their municipal and/or national economy. Skills building in relevant life/soft skills and economic development will prepare youth to participate in municipal and/or national decision-making and the municipal and/or national economy. 

This requires training interventions that develop necessary resources, skills and competencies in both life/soft skills and economic empowerment which enable youth to deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life. (Life/soft skills can also be referred as positive youth development[1], social and emotional skills, or soft skills). The Objective 2 Team Lead and Peer Educators Network/PEN Project Coordinator, will design all trainings and associated documentation including Power Point presentations, training format, guidebook, and activities, which will be presented to facilitators during formal training of trainer workshops.  Training topics to be implemented over the life of the activity include Tolerance”, “Empathy”, “Social Media”, “Critical thinking” and “Mentorship.”

  1. Work Assignment

Under the supervision of Objective 2 Team Lead and PEN Project Coordinator, facilitators/trainers will be responsible for:

Conducting up to 4 sets of trainings, physically or online, per municipality per year –by the end of 2023 in all nine (9) municipalities, in coordination with Up to Youth field-based Project Officers and other Up to Youth staff; Length of each training will be 12 hours (two days) to 18 hours (three days) depending on the topics. Interactive engagement of participants including discussions, learning exercises, role play, and other interactive activities that are designed into Up to Youth trainings.

  • Providing information regarding the training participant attendance and performance as per request of Team Lead and Project Coordinator.
  • In coordination with Team Lead and Project Coordinator prepare all relevant physical materials in accordance with training needs.
  • Ensure relevant MEL documents (pre/post surveys, evaluation forms, attendance sheets) are completed during trainings.
  • Provide training feedback as part of regular after-action reviews of trainings.

Provide any other assistance related to the implementation of the trainings, as per the request of Objective Lead and PEN Project Coordinator.

  1. Training Methodology
  • Power point presentation prepared in accordance with Up to Youth instructions/manuals;
  • Interactive engagement of participants including discussions, learning exercises, role play, and other interactive activities relevant to the age and participant’s ability
  • Provide participants with MEL documents such as: pre/post surveys and evaluation forms prepared by Up to Youth, attendance sheets, etc;
  1. Timeframe

The facilitators/trainers will be responsible for delivering 4 sets of trainings per municipality.  Length of the training will be 12 hours (two days) to 18 hours (three days) depending on the topics or 3 (three) to four (4) session when is conducted online. Trainings will begin in May 2023 and run through approximately December 2023 in all project respective municipalities.

  1. Required Skills and Experience

The following skills and experience are required of the facilitators/trainers:

  • University degree in social sciences, education or relevant field would be an advantage.
  • Over four years’ experience delivering trainings on similar topics or trainings for youth; specifically, Tolerance, Empathy, Mentorship and Social Media.
  • Experienced on conducting online training and usage of online platforms such Google meet, Nearpod and other relevant online trainings platforms.
  • Good communication skills, presentation skills, team working, organizing and problem-solving skills.
  • Good knowledge of Serbian language or any other local language will be an asset.
  • Good planning and time-management skills.
  • Ability to learn quickly, meet deadlines and work under the pressure; and
  • Able to work in a multicultural environment.

Able to travel within project municipalitie

  1. Application Procedure

Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit only CV and a Cover Letter in English language containing information on how the applicant’s background and experience are relevant and suitable to the requirements of the position to apliko.ngopen@gmail.com  The subject line of the email should be “Up to Youth Facilitators/Trainers”.

[1] Positive youth development engages youth along with their families, communities and/or governments so that youth are empowered to reach their full potential. PYD approaches build skills, assets and competencies; foster healthy relationships; strengthen the environment; and transform systems. (http://www.youthpower.org/positive-youth-development)

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