Call for National Company/Expert - Developing a Security and Contigency Strategy

Syri i Vizionit





Duration of the Assignment:
Approximately 07 working days over the period of 1 month (preferred start date April 2023)


1.Information about the organization

Syri i Vizionit (SiV) was officially registered as a local non-governmental organization in September 2001, but it started functioning even earlier, since 1999, as a Community-Based Organization (CBO) in the municipality of Peja. Since the beginning, the motto of the organization has been "Think globally, act locally", to which the organization has remained loyal. The mission of the organization is "Development of the community of people, informal groups, organizations, networks, institutions and donors through advocacy, exchange of information and awareness" and SiV through its action proves that it is an organization that carries out local actions based on the best practices.

2. Information about the project

Syri i Vizionit (SiV) is implementing the project “Our Obligation for the Future - Child Protection and the Child Rights Governance,” in partnership with Save the Children Office in Kosova/o (SCiK), financially supported by Sida. This project aims to increase the expertise and capacity of CSOs to advocate for children’s rights and hold duty-bearers accountable to provide equal access to quality child protection systems and mechanisms for their rights, as well as create conditions and opportunities for children to organize and express their issues in the common interest.

  1. Objective of the Assignment

The objective of this assignment is to develop a Security & Contingency Strategy which shall contain security-related procedures, measures and contingency plans of the Syri Vizionit office.

The Security and Contingency Strategy shall enhance security risk management within the Syri i Vizionit organisation towards its staff and assets.

The Security and Contingency Strategy shall serve the organization as an internal document containing all relevant and specific information, procedures and plans relating to the security. It shall focus on two (2) main components:

  1. Provide a framework for Syri Vizionit management to identify and control the security risks;
  2. Provide guidance to new staff on security issues.

The development of the security plans shall include: protection of the information’, risk and security assessment, including the security planning, standard procedures and contingency plans and develop the requested instruments and tools related to the security management of the Syri Vizionit.

II Company/Expert

4.Tasks and Responsibilities of the Company/Expert shall include the following:

  • Perform risk assessment including the specific risks of the organizations work including the threat assessment and vulnerability analysis;
  • Develop standard security procedures and contingency plans based on situational analysis and context assessment;
  • Develop instruments and tools (forms) related to the security management of the organization including the security monitoring tools;
  • Develop office standard security procedures within the Syri Vizionit Office;
  • Organize a one-day workshop for presenting, discussing and approving the new strategy;
  • Consolidating and producing the final draft document on Security & Contingency Strategy.
  1. Timeframe

The contract of the assignment should be for approximately 07 working days within the timeframe of 1 month, preferably throughout the period starting from the 17nd  of April 2023.

Tentative timeframe for duties and responsibilities:


6.Evaluation criteria:

  • Experience of at least 5 (five) years in risk management, development of security and contingency plans, risk mitigation measures;
  • Proven experience in organizing and facilitating workshops;
  • Knowledge of local context in particular security context;
  • Good knowledge of the NGO sector and their work;
  • Working experience with local and international NGOs;
  • Good presentation skills;
  • Proficiency in Albanian and English. Serbian language would be an asset.


7.Application procedure:

The company/expert shall submit the following documents:

  • CVs for individuals and a statement on relevant previous experience;
  • Company  registration certificate;
  • Copy of Identification Document;
  • Cover Letter including similar experiences and at least two references ;
  • Methodology of Work (technical proposal);
  • Financial offer (to be submitted in separate document);
  • Document from the court proving that the candidate is not under investigation.

Applications should be sent to the e-mail address: office@syriivizionit.org ,  by writing in the subject of the email Application for Expert/Company to Develop a Secutiry & Contigency Strategy by 10 April 2023, at 17:00.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted!

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