Terms of Reference

Environment Expert

Project: Further Advancing Women’s Rights in Kosovo II, Project number 8299-00/2021

Implemented by: Kosovo Women’s Network

Supported by: Austrian Development Agency (ADA), co-financed by Swedish International Development Agency (Sida)

Contact person: Zana Rudi, Program Manager


The Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) is a network of 135 organizations that supports, protects and promotes the rights and the interests of women and girls throughout Kosovo, regardless of their political beliefs, religion, age, level of education, sexual orientation, and ability.  

In 2021-2025, KWN has received support from the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), co-financed by Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), for a four-year project entitled “Further Advancing Women’s Rights in Kosovo II.” The anticipated impact of this action is “Improved gender equality in Kosovo, where women and men are more equal and have more equal opportunities for education, employment, political participation, healthcare and a life without violence.” The action’s foreseen outcomes, to which the expert will contribute, is: 1) Strengthened feminist movement in Kosovo, the region and beyond; 2) Women have improved access to healthcare; 3) Improved response to gender-based violence in Kosovo; 4) Improved access to education that challenges existing gender norms and power relations. While the outputs are: 1) Increased capacities of women’s organizations; and of ADA partners for gender-mainstreaming actions; 2) More public officials, women, girls and men are informed of women’s right to healthcare and violations of their rights; 3) Continued monitoring of and support for the implementation of the legal framework for addressing various forms of gender-based violence, including institutional responsibility to assist those who have suffered violence ensured; 4) KWN and its members more engaged in advocating access to education that trans-forms traditional gender roles.

Environment is a cross-cutting theme in the KWN Strategy for 2023-2026, established by KWN member organizations, on which this Action is based and to which this Action will contribute. KWN seeks an environment expert to support KWN efforts to protect the environment and minimize climate change and its effects where possible through our work.


The expert shall review KWN’s Strategy and relevant materials and then organize an interactive workshop with all KWN staff members, so staff members can better understand how to take these actions in their everyday work. Through discussions and training, the staff shall be able incorporate everything in their daily work. As a result, staff should have knowledge and capacities to directly support and advise KWN member organisations, Kosovo Women’s Fund beneficiaries, and other beneficiaries.  


  • Participate in a start-up meeting with representatives of KWN management to further discuss aims and organisational needs;
  • Read the KWN Strategy, and other internal working documents to identify opportunities for KWN staff to improve attention to environmental protection and addressing climate change in its work;
  • In close consultation with KWN, design an interactive and engaging workshop for KWN staff members on how to protect the environment and minimize climate change and its effects where possible through KWN’s current and future work, including the inclusion of a gender perspective in environment and work;
  • Devise workshop agenda, approach, plan, and materials, as needed, providing these to KWN staff for comment and feedback;
  • Discuss the workshop plan and materials with KWN staff and revise as needed;
  • Deliver workshop(s) based on the plan;
  • Provide a short draft report on the workshop, participants, results, evaluation, and proposed recommendations and next steps for KWN to consider in its current activities and future Strategy; and
  • Revise the report based on feedback from KWN, as needed.


The approximate timetable shall be as follows:

Tender Announced                                 22 March 2023   

Tender Due                                              12 April 2023 

Finalists interviewed                              27 April 2023

Expert Selected                                      28 April 2023

Informative meeting                              First Week of May

Workshop methodology,                       TBC after the informative meeting

other materials                                     

Deliver first workshop                            TBC after the informative meeting

Report on workshops                             7 days after the workshop

Anticipated Working Days

This contract will involve up to a maximum of 5 working days. The timing of working days shall be specified in the work plan in discussion with KWN staff.


Contact and Coordination

The expert will report to and will coordinate closely with the KWN Program Manager Zana Rudi, and the KWN Program Director/Lead Researcher, Nicole Farnsworth. KWN will provide assistance arranging the logistics of the workshop.

Experts Qualifications

The expert will need to speak fluently Albanian and English. The selected expert shall demonstrate in their bid that they possess, at minimum:

  • A BA diploma related to environment and/or climate change;
  • At least two years’ experience supporting organizations or projects to integrate attention to environment in programming;
  • Knowledge and expertise on the intersection of gender and environment, and how to include a gender perspective in environment and everyday work;
  • At least two years’ experience in delivering interactive workshops; and
  • Knowledge of the Kosovo context is encouraged but not required.

Submission of Bids

Interested, qualified experts, are requested to send: 

  • CV;
  • Motivation letter that explains the qualifications and capacities to undertake these duties;
  • Short description of the proposed workshop methodology (up to one page);
  • Contact information for at least three references where the expert has provided similar work; and
  • The expert’s proposed daily rate in gross Euros, in line with independently verifiable prior rates for similar work performed by the expert (including tax expenses, without VAT).

Interested qualified experts, should consider that KWN is a non-profit organization seeking bids in accordance with local expert daily rates.   

Please submit the requested documents by 12 April 2023, at 17:00 to info@womensnetwork.org with the subject “Environment Expert”.

Evaluation of Bids

Bids shall be evaluated by a Commission of three persons, as follows:

40% Experience

30% Proposed methodology

30% Lowest cost

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