Social Media Screener
  • Based on company’s guidelines and products, main mission is to screen, review and assess 2 types of creators (YouTubers and Tiktokers) content and understand if posting their content on another social media platform would be a success


  • Understand if the creator is a good fit to be re-posted on Facebook, under a long format (long videos, not Reels), based on the personality of the YouTube channel and the following criteria: posting rate, library size, etc.
  • Understand if they are a good fit for “Snapchat” based on the personality of the creator and the content type
  • Weekly Volume Expectations: pitch 30 creators to the Lead Generation team
Tiktokers: same process: assess creator content compatibility to be re-posted on either Facebook Reels, Snapchat or YT Shorts
  • Weekly Volume Expectations: pitch 50 creators to the Lead Generation team
Generating leads requires ability to look for creators on several tools:
  • Directly on YouTube (Tubebuddy add-on can help),
  • Tubular (IDs will be provided)
  • After initial Tools & Salesforce training, the person will have to create a “channel” in our system to have the Sourcing & Performance team double validate the creator’s review


  • You are an absolute expert on social media as you spend hours on platforms daily and already know how it works (trends, duet...)
  • You understand what the Creator Economy is about.
  • Perfect/Native English level (written & spoken)
  • Autonomy, adaptability, curiosity, and creativity are part of your qualities

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