TikTok sourcer

Your Mission:

Your primary mission will be to create multiple playlists of TikTok videos on many verticals (Crime, Food, Beauty, Funny…) by scanning the internet and selecting the top clips. You will create different pieces of information around that playlist like a name and description, and deliver them in a clean document for review. Your work will be helping hundreds of content creators around the world.
In addition, you will be able to curate videos from other platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Twitch) and create games and decks from images.

About You:
You are the absolute expert on TikTok as you spend hours on the platform daily and already know how it works (trends, duet…)
You understand what the Creator Economy is about.
Perfect/Native English level (written & spoken)
Autonomy, adaptability, curiosity, and creativity are part of your qualities
Any experience in personal content creation is a plus

Shikime 2,785
Kategoria Marketing, Reklamim & PR
Skadon 16/02/23 (20 ditë)
Orari Full Time
Lokacioni Prishtinë
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