Group Director


Job Description:


Middle and lower funnel responsibilities that result in the onboarding of new members. From taking meetings with potential members to selling & registering new members to supporting the group Chair and the organization of group sessions and extras.

I. Sales & Communication

  • Sales calls
  • Qualify leads in or out on calls
  • Sell memberships to mClub groups
  • Guide members through the online registration process
  • Follow-up emails and calls
  • Session Youtube recording & Curated Insights

II. Administrative duties

  • Updating and managing the CRM
  • Updating and managing the CRM spreadsheets & other G-Suite tools
  • Finding and securing External Knowledge Experts & Key Participants to speak to peers during group sessions.
  • Managing group sessions on Zoom
  • Liaising with and managing Chair responsibilities
  • Upselling extras to group members

III. Business Management duties

  • Open a minimum of one new mClub group per quarter
  • Source and hire Chairs for new groups
  • Supervise and support the Group Support role at mClub.

Key skills:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication in English
  • Confidence in taking and making sales calls in English
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • A least one year of sales experience;
  • Have a working knowledge of G-Suite
  • Ability to work on Mac

Apply: All interested candidates should send an email explaining why they are interested in the position, along with a link to their LinkedIn profile (or CV) to careers@ortusclub.com

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