As an Uncap BDR you will record videos (via Vidyards) to get cold prospects interested in having a video conference call which you will schedule for our Account Executives.

  • Your day will consist of proactive website audits and the creation of short videos on how we can grow our agency can transform their e-commerce business. (We will train fully)
  • Send these videos to prospects via email. The outreach database will be provided by Uncap.
  • Follow up with phone calls to contacts to whom you sent the video to remind them and ask them to schedule a meeting.
  • Set up conference video calls for Account Executives to speak with clients further about opportunities and options to grow their sales by hiring Uncap.
  • The actual job will be creating videos and presentations like this one

To qualify as a candidate, you MUST speak and write English fluently and with proper grammar, have extensive attention to detail, come with a digital mindset and be excellent at time management.

Experience working in a digital agency is a huge plus. Experience with the Shopify platform is the most significant advantage.


  • Plenty of Learning Opportunities
  • Room to Grow within the Company
  • Friendly & Knowledgable Staff
  • Creative Freedom
  • Fun & Collaborative Atmosphere


  • Motivated, Driven, Tech Savvy, Sociable Go-Getters
  • Results Orientated – Problem Solvers 
  • Financially motivated individuals 
  • Be coachable and learn fast
  • Driven to make and send 20 videos or more a day
  • Be organized and learn how to use our HubSpot CRM
  • Follow-up according to our agency standards 
  • Work Monday to Friday, 9 a.m CST – 5 p.m CST

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