Request for proposal for Technical Assistance related to selection and implementation of new software

Kreditimi Rural i Kosovës

Kreditimi Rural Kosoves LLC (KRK) is a Microfinance institution (MFIs) focused on providing of financial services to low-income clients, with a particular focus on micro, small, agricultural and other businesses in rural and urban areas, with a priority focus on agriculture and a specific attention to financial, social and environmental sustainability. KRK is in process of improvement of business software.

In order to support the process of evaluation, contracting and implementation of new software,

KRK publish this request for proposal:

Request for proposal for Technical Assistance related to selection and implementation of new software

The Technical Assistance will support KRK in selection, contracting and implementation of new software.

The details related to scope of work are listed in the table below:

KRK for interested companies or individual experts, will provide the ToR related to new software.

The interested company/ expert should provide the offer witch contain the days, cost per day and total cost for the services as per scope of work indicated in the table above.

The company’s or individual experts should have relevant qualification and expertise in projects of implementation of business software in finance sector. The company or expert should provide:

  • Copy of evidence for registration of the company.
  • Details of the experience on works of a similar nature within the past three years.
  • Provide any references from current clients who have similar projects and delivery.
  • CV with the qualifications and experience of key personnel proposed for implementation and execution of the scope of work as above.

Selection of convenient offer will be selected based on estimation of the offer in term of expertise of the company/expert, timeline and financial cost.

Interested  companies  or  individual  experts   can  send   their   offers  through   email   address:

krk_imf@krk-ks.com or directly at KRK Head Office, Behije Dashi Street No.20, Prishtine.

Deadline for submitting of offers is until 13.12.2022.

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