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Kosovo Municipal Integrity (KMI) activity


USAID’s Kosovo Municipal Integrity (KMI) activity addresses long-standing challenges related to corruption and poor-quality service delivery by the Government of Kosovo by enhancing public financial management (PFM), with a focus on municipal procurement, and by reinforcing accountability mechanisms both within government and outside of government through civil society, the private sector, and media.

The four objectives of this activity are:

  1. National accountability agencies provide more effective and coordinated financial oversight.
  2. Governments increase use of good practices in budget planning, public procurement, and contract management.
  3. Government advances norms and practices that support internal audit and accountability.
  4. Civil society, media, and the private sector improve the integrity of public and private sector actors in public procurement.

The current PPL requires that each contracting authority, including municipalities, prepare a procurement plan that identifies, in reasonable detail, all supplies, services, and works that the contracting authority intends to procure during the fiscal year. However, while conducting the Capacity Needs Gap Analysis at the inception phase of USAID KMI, the team learned from municipal officials and CSOs that the quality of these procurement plans tends to be poor, particularly with respect to costing. When engaged in the budget planning process, municipalities and the MoH must consider all life-cycle cost for a given procurement. It is common practice that municipalities determine the estimated value based on the prices of the previous contracts. As the market prices are constantly changing, municipalities must conduct original market research to determine the prices more accurately.

There are several challenges with costing of public investment projects including confusion around multi-year projects. USAID KMI will support requesting units as they produce comprehensive procurement plans which will provide a description and details of the objectives of the project, costing of different options, and cost-benefit analysis, as well as information on outputs and expected results, including readiness for project implementation.

To improve the budget planning and procurement planning process USAID KMI Financial Costing/Market Research Adviser (STTA) will support Objective Two to build the capacities of the municipal and MoH directors, requesting units, and finance officers on market surveys to determine pricing and increase the capacities of the requesting units to be able to estimate the best possible contract value, to analyze needs accurately, and consider whole life cycle costing.

  • Analyze processes of budget planning for the capital projects of requesting units at the focused budget organization;
  • Analyze and provide recommendations for improvements on municipal and Ministry of Health market surveys and price-determining practices, including analysis of municipal and Ministry of Health projects' whole life cycle, and cost;
  • Prepare a report with analysis and Propose methodology to estimate the best possible contract value, including all the associated costs, the whole life cycle, and the costing;
  • Develop practical training materials to improve cost estimation and capital projects' life cycle costing;
  • Conduct nine workshops for eight focus municipalities and Ministry of Health Directors, Requesting units' officials and Finance officers;
  • Provide a final report with a list of activities, findings, and recommendations.
  • Education: University degree (master’s degree or equivalent) in economics, business, engineering, environmental management or related field. Post graduate degree is an asset
  • Experience: Expert in economics, business, engineering, environmental management or related field with at least 5+ years of relevant experience, preferably in market studies at national-level. International experience is an advantage.
  • Language Requirements: Fluency in the local official language. Good knowledge of English is an asset.
  • Demonstrated experience in organizing and implementing a study of the national market, using both quantitative and qualitative methods;
  • Extensive experience in the environmental, sustainability and/or business sector;
  • Experience working with the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Kosovo Agency for Statistics or University;
  • Knowledge of the country’s economy and business sector particularly in the areas related to sustainable development, capital investments, sustainable business practice, environmental technologies and service provision;
  • Independence from any given sector’s or stakeholder’s interests;
  • Work experience in/with the public sector in Kosovo is highly desirable.
  • Proven experience in coaching, mentoring, and capacity building.
  • Proven ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of stakeholders, including municipal counterparts, partners, the project team, and the public.
  • Good management, analytical, problem-solving and communication skills
  • Experience with USAID or other donor organizations preferred.
  • Excellent writing and analytical skills

This position will report to the Objective Two Lead.

Please send your CV to email account: KMI_Recruitment@dai.com

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