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Request for Proposals (RFP) No. RFP–KMI–2022–003

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Request for Proposals (RFP) No. RFP–KMI–2022–003

Supporting national-level CSOs in conducting research on extent of the budget losses due to deficiencies in the procurement process at local governments and the Ministry of Health

The USAID Kosovo Municipal Integrity  (USAID KMI) activity  intends to award a subcontract to a civil society organization (CSO) to conduct the research for municipalities; Gjakovë/Djakovica, Gjilan/Gnjilane, Lipjan/Lipljan, Pejë/Peć, Pristina, Rahovec/Orahovac, Suharekë/Suva Reka, Vushtrri/Vučitrn, Podujevë/Podujevo, Skenderaj/Srbica, Prizren, Ferizaj/Uroševac, Malishevë/Mališevo, Mitrovicë/Mitrovica, Viti/Vitina and Obiliq/Obilić and the Ministry of Health on the extent of budget losses due to deficiencies in the procurement process. The findings of such research are expected to help municipalities and the MoH increase their efforts in improving processes and taking appropriate actions to increase the level of accountability of officials in pre-tendering and tendering processes by confronting them with concrete data on the loss of public/taxpayers money. 

Eligibility: The tendering process is open to all legally registered local firms who want to participate. All legal registered local firms must be able to document their eligibility in participating according to requirement of the request for proposals.

How to Obtain a Tender Dossier:  The tender dossier, which includes all the specifications for the services requested, including evaluation criteria, is available by writing to: KMI_Procurement@dai.com from November 23th, 2022 to December 8th, 2022.

Questions and Clarifications: Offerors must submit all questions and requests for clarifications regarding this RFP in writing via email to KMI_Procurement@dai.com by December 5th, 2022 at 16:00. All correspondence regarding this solicitation must reference the RFP number in the subject line. No phone calls or in-person inquiries will be entertained.

Offer Deadline: Proposals must be submitted in electronic format to KMI_Procurement@dai.com no later than 16:00 Kosovo local time on December 8th, 2022. Late offers will be rejected except under extraordinary circumstances at DAI’s discretion.

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