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English Teacher (M/F)

Academic Education Center (AEC)



English Teacher

Main Responsibilities

  •  Plan, prepare, and teach well developed lessons which enthuse and inspire students, and promote enjoyment of learning.
  •  Effectively and appropriately differentiate instruction so as to meet all students’ learning styles with an appreciation for students’ learning differences.
  •  Write reports on students with clear formative comments and targets as to how to improve work by defined deadlines given, and provide regular estimated grades and feedback on assessments.
  •  Maintain current lesson plans, assessment data (i.e., grades), and attendance records using a defined school-sanctioned electronic interface.
  •  Design, administer, and evaluate a range of formative and summative assessments as appropriate.
  •  Complete administrative tasks as define and by set deadlines.
  •  Induct students appropriately to provide academic advice, counselling, educational guidance, and advisory support, including individual learning plans, as directed.
  •  Develop materials and resources, implement, support and/or lead in the production and improvement of curriculum planning as appropriate, and undertake other academic project work as directed.
  •  Ensure lessons are in line with planning and their respective objectives, and that segments of lessons are shared with students, as appropriate.
  •  Provide feedback on materials, courses, and lessons to academic and other managers/colleagues as requested.
  •  Participate in evaluation process consistent with defined parameters.


  • Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) from an accredited college/university Experience
  •  Teaching/tutoring students of high school age desired
  •  Working within a diverse environment of active learners


  •  Excellent oral and writing skills
  •  Problem-solving capability
  •  Capacity for prioritizing conflicting demands
  •  Acuity for balancing the normal demands of a range of work and responsibilities without disruption to other team members or school staff
  •  Ability to gather facts and to analyze situations objectively, accurately, and in an organized fashion
  •  Demonstrates good critical thinking skills to understand student and staff issues
  •  Excellent listening and questioning skills
  •  Attentive to deadlines
  •  Flexible
  •  Basic computer literacy


  • Supports the aims, objectives, goals, ethos, and mission of the school
  •  Proactively plans for situations and circumstances
  •  Acts on her/his own initiative within defined and acceptable parameters
  •  Assumes responsibility and ownership for work issues and problems of a primary operational nature
  •  Projects appropriate professional image
  •  Imparts a positive impact with student and staff
  •  Speaks clearly, sensitively, and persuasively when interacting with stakeholders
  •  Acts rationally and maturely without undue bias or reliance on emotional responses
  •  Punctual

Deadline: 24.11.2022

Apply by sending your CV at: academicenglishcenterks@gmail.com

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