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Public-Private Dialogue Advisor (CCN)

USAID Kosovo Economic Governance Activity (KEGA)

Scope of Work

Position: Public-Private Dialogue Advisor (CCN)

Period of Assignment: Long-term, full-time

Reports to: Chief of Party (COP)

Location: Pristina


The USAID-funded Kosovo Economic Governance Activity (KEGA) is a 5-year project that started in April 2019 to reduce public perception of and opportunities for economic corruption through improvement to economic governance, thereby encouraging investment in Kosovo’s economy. This result will be achieved through three main objectives:

  1. Business Environment Improvement;
  2. Strengthened Public Financial Management; and,
  3. Enhanced Strategic Communications.


The Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) Advisor will coordinate closely with and support KEGA technical teams to engage with private and public sector partners to identify, improve, institutionalize, and monitor information mechanisms for improved effective objective outcome-based public-private dialogue. The PPD Advisor will support partners to understand and sustainably use framework systems for dialogue, including supporting partners to identify and apply necessary sustaining dialogue organizational infrastructure and practices.

Further, the PPD will, in close cooperation with the Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Analytics Advisor (MELA) and Strategic Communications Advisor (SCA), identify and support improvements in intra-organizational systems for information that feeds into and flows out of dialogue platforms, including across governance institutions, private sector bodies and their members, and between organizations and the public.  

Specific Tasks and Responsibilities

  • In cooperation with business enabling environment (BEE) and public financial management (PFM) component teams, identify specific existing platforms for public-private dialogue and provide consultative support to enhance sustainable operations of those forums, improved administration, increased transparency, goals setting and reporting against expectations, and improved systems feeding into and flowing out of dialogue forums.
  • Identify relevant reform dialogue frameworks, and support institutionalization of the methodologies within public and private partners and collaborative mechanisms through direct mentoring, application validated training, dialogue execution and institutionalized self-monitoring, supporting partners to understand, take ownership of, and use and report publically against those frameworks and indicators.
  • Identify and coordinate closely with other donors and projects engaged in public-private dialogue to identify and promote common practices, shared resources, common goals, and efficient cooperative support in the context of self-sustainability.
  • Continuously monitor and identify potential partners for dialogue at local or national levels.
  • Identify and support potential partners in specific technical or economic areas to facilitate effective identification of relevant issues, engagement with private sector resources where possible to address, and involvement in transparent public-private dialogue problem-solving where appropriate.
  • Support private sector problem solving where possible, using domestic and international relationship building with peer or supporting organizations for knowledge transfer, skills development, and non-governmental alternative solutions and to increase effectiveness of domestic activities and engagement.
  • In close cooperation with MELA and SCA, provide consultative strengthening to partners in support of their respective roles (e.g. as public sector body accounting to the public, private sector representative body increasing economic value to members, etc).
  • In cooperation with technical component teams, and external public and private sector partners, support development of annual work plans and the
  • Meet or exceed all quantitative project goals and performance deadlines linked to this position as articulated in the project Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan and annual work plans.
  • Track and continuously report on validated organizational and outcome-evidenced reforms achieved by partners with project support by monitored by the MELA, and providing input for informational materials as developed by the SCA.


  1. Experience (Required) - Minimum 2 years’ experience and demonstrated record of improving public or private sector organizational performance and facilitating cooperative partnerships with peer organizations, members and across public-private outcome-focused dialogue relationships.
  2. Education (Required) – University degree in business, organizational dynamics, psychology, public policy or related field.
  3. Language Skills (Required) – English and Albanian fluency, with excellent writing and quantitative Serbian language skill preferred.
  4. Computer Skills (Required) - Word processing (Microsoft Word), spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel), e-mail (Microsoft Outlook).
  5. Interpersonal Skills (Required) – Proven ability to work professionally, constructively and collaboratively as part of team, meet deadlines, communicate effectively, and deal with diverse partners (including high-level government officials, entrepreneurs and international donors) in a challenging environment.
  6. Self-Motivation and Guidance (Required) – Ability to manage daily activities and achieve expected results with or without direct oversight and effectively function in a complex, challenging environment.

Please send electronic applications, including ONLY a CV and cover letter, to by April 30, 2019 no later than 4:00 PM. Please indicate the position title for which you are applying in the subject line. No telephone inquiries, please. Finalists will be contacted.


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