FINCA Kosovo, a branch of FINCA International, is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization, with the aim to offer financial inclusion to marginalized groups. FINCA Kosovo adheres to the FINCA International mission of alleviating poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs, and raise their standard of living.

In line with its Charter and Mission, FINCA Kosovo is in the process of establishing a Learning and Development Center with the purpose of offering various training to all its clients free of charge at a training facility yet to be identified. The intended number of trainees for one calendar year is minimum 700. FINCA Kosovo will cover also the expenses of travel and all other expenses for its clients to attend the training. This facility will have its governing body and the staff required.

The desired end result of the training delivered as per the report is to: 1) greatly improve FINCA Kosovo clients competencies in use of digital financial services and online trading and online opportunities; 2) improve general knowledge of clients in agriculture and livestock; 3) increase competitiveness of women in the market and increase knowledge in starting up and running a business; 4) increase financial inclusion; 5) general understanding of advantages and disadvantages of loans, better knowledge over the interest rates and expenses, improved financial health and improved business English skills.


FINCA Kosovo invites all the companies to deliver an offer for comprehensive report containing the following:

1) Details of the facility needed for delivering the training, square meters, outline of space, seats, equipment needed, stationary, visual aid, transportation of clients from their residence to the training center, etc.

2) Comprehensive training curriculum customized for the segment of FINCA Kosovo clients and future potential clients and its staff for provision of training in following areas, among others: a) Use of digital financial services and use of electronic signature; b) Agriculture, timing of crops, improving yield; c) Start-up businesses for women; d) Financial analysis and financial health of clients; e) Loan procedures and impact on finances; f) Livestock health; g) Online marketing and selling/purchasing; h) Business English training for the clients’ needs. Other training conducive for the desired outcome may be added in the report.

3) The training material shall be in Albanian language, edited as per rules of Albanian language.

4) The training material shall be developed in Word program and suitable for use by other Microsoft applications.

5) The methodology of delivering the above training session to the clients, in-person and online, duration of training in hours,breaks, practical work, interactive delivery of training, etc.

6) The required lecturing profile for delivering these training, namely, the qualification and experience of individuals that FINCA Kosovo needs to engage for achieving optimal results.

7) Identification and the methodology for targeting clients from disadvantaged segments and areas.

8) The human resources needed for managing and operating the training facility.

9) The financial implications in a form of budget for one year period and for a five-year period.

FINCA Kosovo reserves the right to modify and to cancel this process and nothing in this call for interest shall be construed as such to create an obligation for FINCA Kosovo to complete the tendering process.

IV. Offers

The offer must be submitted in physical form, in a sealed envelope labeled offer for Learning and Development Center, at the reception of FINCA Kosovo, 112, Robert Doll Street, Prishtina. Along with their offers, the Companies must also submit:

Business certification.
Fiscal certification.
VAT Certification.
One letter of reference proving successful delivery of similar document.

Incomplete documentation will not be considered.
V. Disclaimer

FINCA Kosovo will not reimburse any expense incurred for preparation and submission of offers, nor the expenses incurred during negotiations or interviews conducted.

FINCA Kosovo has no contractual or financial responsibility toward the received offers. FINCA Kosovo also does not guarantee or declare that the information contained are free of errors or mistakes. Therefore, neither FINCA Kosovo or its employees, its parent company or any other FINCA related entity assumes no responsibility, including negligence, for any potential expenses or loss arising from this call for proposal or from any right or wrong interpretation.

VI. Agreement

The agreement will be Service Agreement for a period of 2 months. The agreement shall be governed by the law of Republic of Kosovo.

VII. Intellectual and property rights

The entire right, title, and interest, including copyright of the work created under the agreement signed created by Service Provider for FINCA Kosovo or furnished to FINCA Kosovo hereunder shall be transferred to and vested in FINCA. FINCA Kosovo shall be the sole owner of all the reports, documents and other created under the agreement with no restriction whatsoever.


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