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Prequalification for Consulting Services for Accompanying Measures and support of PIU

Kompania Rajonale e Ujësjellësit Prishtina


Tendering Agency:

Regional Water Company Prishtina j.s.c. (RWCP)
Str. Hazir Shala no.4,
Republic of Kosovo

Tender Agent:

Mr Ralf Knoche
Humboldtstrasse 46
28203 Bremen
Email: amc.kos@rk-mec.de

Project Measures:

The scope of the present tender consists of the following
project measures:

• Consultancy services for Accompanying Measures of the Program;

• Consultancy Services for a Project Implementation Unit.

Requested Consultant Services:

RWCP is seeking to engage a qualified Consultant for support in programme implementation.

Consultancy services for Accompanying Measures of the Program:

• Team leader with emphasis on institutional and organisational development;

• Financial management and tariff expert;

• Human resources and legal experts for public sector;

• Technical experts with practical utility experience for waste and stormwater system with emphasis on O & M training;
• Technical and commercial experts with practical utility on NRW reduction, O&M, preventive maintenance, developing GIS, DMA establishment.

Consultancy Services for a Project Implementation Unit (PIU):

The proposed pool of experts shall be composed of a pool of international experts to be engaged on monthly basis as required and availability on short notice on remote-basis.

In addition, the Consultant shall give assistance to the PEA in the selection of experts to head the PIU and administration of funds for the PIU.

The start of consulting services is planned for the first quarter 2023.

The planned duration of the assignment is 48 months.

Consultants are encouraged to form associations of international and local firms. The lead consultant must be an international consultancy company.

All the consulting activities shall be carried out in close cooperation with RWCP and shall take due account of the programme aims and relevant KfW guidelines.

The prequalification procedure of experienced Consultants will follow the KfW “Guidelines for Consulting Services, Works, Plant, Goods and Non-Consulting Services in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries”, which are available on KfW’s internet web-site (version January 2021):


It is foreseen to give the service to an internationally operating consulting firm, preferably in association with domestic consultants, which are highly experienced in the concerned fields with an annual turnover of the lead consultant and all associated partners showing the necessary annual average turnover for the consortium as a group of at least EUR 1.5 million.

Further Information:

Further information (only available in English language) is available free of charge from the Tender Agent upon written request at the address given above. It will be sent electronically only (by email). No liability will be accepted for loss or late delivery.

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