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Based on the current organizational scheme and the need to fill vacancies in KEDS Divisions, the Human Resources Department, on 2022-06-16announces vacancies for the following positions:


Mitrovica District

Key tasks and responsibilities :

  • Participates in meetings organized with third parties and eventual contract negotiations;
  • Provides legal advice on all matters required within the department including requests from other departments;
  • Drafts agreements / contracts and other issues according to the needs of the company in cooperation with other departments;
  • Compiles lawsuits, response to lawsuits, proposals, criminal reports, complaints, response to complaints and other issues as needed;
  • Appears in Court as a representative and defends the Company's cases;
  • Collaborates with Company departments to assist in the implementation of various projects;
  • Conducts research and drafts, respectively legal opinions, memoranda, summaries on various issues according to the manner and time requested by the Adviser General;
  • Reviews the existing documents of the Company, such as: Policies and Procedures, various regulations, agreements, etc., in order to improve and protect the interests of the Company and harmonize them with applicable regulations and laws;
  • Performs continuously other tasks required by the General Counsel, depending on the needs of the Company.

Requirements and qualifications :

  • University Qualification, Faculty of Law;
  • Good decision-making skills and ability to assess risk;
  • Category B driving is required;
  • Excellent MS Office suite capabilities;
  • Be a cooperative person, positive and open to teamwork.
  • Excellent knowledge of the legal system and laws of Kosovo, especially the law on contentious and enforcement proceedings, the law on compulsory relations, as well as the criminal and criminal procedure code;
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience in the legal field;
  • Jurisprudence exam is preferred;
  • Knowledge of English and Serbian is a priority;

How to apply ?

  • You can apply through one of the following two ways:
  • Fill out your online application on the: Apply Online button;
  • Send your application via our email address: hr@keds-energy.com specifying in the title the position for which you are applying and attaching the following documents:
    • - CV;
    • - Qualification degree;
    • - Evidence from work experience / Trust;
    • - Certificate / Proof that you are not under investigation by the Court;
    • - Certificates of attended trainings;

Important Notes

  • KEDS offers equal employment opportunities for all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and welcomes applications from all genders: male and female and from all communities in Kosovo.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted and defective applications will be rejected.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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