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 Kosovo Municipal Integrity (KMI) activity


Objective Four Senior Advisor

Period of Performance On/About (From – To)

Upon Approval

March 20, 2027

Maximum Level of Effort

Full time/LTTA

Base of Operations

Pristina, Kosovo

Position reports to

Objective Four Lead

Deadline for Applications

June 27, 2022 - reviewing applications on a rolling basis before the deadline

  1. Project Background

USAID’s Kosovo Municipal Integrity activity addresses long-standing challenges related to corruption and poor-quality service delivery by the Government of Kosovo by enhancing public financial management (PFM), with a focus on municipal procurement, and by reinforcing accountability mechanisms both within government and outside of government through civil society, the private sector, and media.

The four objectives of this activity are:

  1. National accountability agencies provide more effective and coordinated financial oversight.
  2. Governments increase use of good practices in budget planning, public procurement, and contract management.
  3. Government advances norms and practices that support internal audit and accountability.
  4. Civil society, media, and the private sector improve the integrity of public and private sector actors in public procurement.


  1. Role’s Purpose:

The Objective Four Senior Adviser will assist the Objective Four Lead to leverage Kosovo’s existing civil society organizations (CSOs) to promote transparency, integrity and accountability. In addition, he/she will provide assistance to the Objective Four Lead to support civil society organizations, media, and the private sector to improve the integrity of public and private sector actors involved in public procurement. This will include working with civil society organizations to monitor municipal finance and public procurement, as well as working with the private sector in building a culture of accountability. The Objective Four Senior Advisor will support media to provide greater understanding and oversight of municipal finance to the public. In addition, the Objective Four Senior Advisor will manage public-private dialogue on procurement challenges and promote private sector integrity in the procurement process mining how CSOs can be effective at all levels, from the municipal to the national level, and where civil society is best. He/she will support the Objective Four Lead to engage CSOs and local/national media across all 38 municipalities to be more involved in anticorruption efforts, while emphasizing support to the Activity’s focus municipalities. These activities will help to achieve Objective Four goals:    

  • Manage Objective Four activities; maintain strong relationships with project partner CSOs, media organizations, and private sector entities;
  • Leverage project CSO and media partners’ platforms to maximize impact under Objective Four;
  • Identify grant/subcontract opportunities to strengthen the integrity of public and private sector actors in public procurement;
  • Collaborate with Support Fund Manager on scopes of work;
  • Support relevant data collection, adaptive management, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Support Objective Four with all activities, including managing subcontractor and grantees for impact;  
  • Works closely with the Objective Four Lead to oversee customized technical assistance and ensure quality of deliverables;
  • Help identify grant/subcontract opportunities to strengthen CSOs’ and media ability to expose corrupt municipal practice, provide oversight to grantees, and collaborate with Grants and Support Fund Manager;
  • Support development of scopes of work for grants/sub-contracts;
  • Assist preparation of Objective Four related reports;Collaborate with other Objectives and the municipal advisory team, as well as project partners, including the private sector, CSOs, media organizations, local and national governmental authorities and other donor organizations to ensure programmatic efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Provide input for and write project reports and success stories for technical areas, andSupport data collection, adaptive management, and M&E, as needed;
  • Responsible for solving complex technical, managerial or operational problems that may arise when working with Civil Society Organizations, Media and Private Sector;
  • Operates independently, delivering results at a high-level and engaging with a wide array of program stakeholders to enable Civil Society Organizations and Media track and expose corruption.


  • Minimum of 8 years related experience, including 5 years working with CSOs, media and the private sector. Exposure with good governance/anticorruption programs preferred;
  • Bachelor’s degree required in public administration/related fields. Master’s degree in related field preferred;
  • Exposure to the grant’s management cycle; understanding of technical assistance and supports rolled into grants for effective capacity building;
  • Understanding of local public procurement policies;
  • Ability to solve complex technical, managerial or operational problems and evaluate options based on relevant information, considerable knowledge and varied experiences;
  • Ability to operate independently and maintain quality control on Project activities;
  • Experience in managing partner relationships or technical functions preferred; 
  • Advanced proficiency in Albanian and English language. Serbian preferred.
  • This position will report to the Objective Four Lead.

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