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Customer Service Consultant with German in Brno, Czech Republic (4 positions)


with German

Agency continues the successful cooperation with Lufthansa InTouch and at this time we are searching for 4 new people who will get the opportunity to join their Customer Service German team in Brno, Czech Republic.

You make a great candidate for this position if you:
- have great communication skills;
- can chat with ease in German and English language;
- have team spirit and eagerness to learn new skills;
- love traveling!

As a Customer Service Consultant your main responsibilities will be:
- handling phone calls regarding flight connections, flight reservations, check-ins;
- providing service in the area of bonus frequent flyer programs;
- and other tasks regarding support to Lufthansa's passengers.
What's in it for you?
You will be working with a friendly and multicultural team, will be provided with theoretical and practical training and learn everything you need for the successful performance in the job.

  • The contract is signed for an unlimited period with a 3-month probation period.
  • High discount on airplane tickets to any place in the world
  • Opportunities to swap your shifts to get more time for travel and make the most of that high discount on flights
  • Opportunities to apply for a more senior position (e.g. Quality Specialist, Trainers) and joining second level teams (help desk team/ticketing) after being successful in evaluation process.
  • Possibility of taking part in different projects in other locations like Dublin, Berlin, Istanbul, Manila etc.

Not sure about moving? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!
Packing your bags and moving to another country for work is easier said than done. That's why we will help you by:

  • providing visa support
  • covering travel costs from your place of residence to Brno
  • finding a place to live and cover accommodation costs to keep you going until your first paychecks arrive.

For more information:
Check out our video:
Visit our web page:
Send us your application TODAY and explore the world tomorrow!


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