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Request for Quotation

Save the Children Kosova/o, Through the project “Strengthening Social Service Provision for the most Vulnerable Groups in Kosovo in Response to Covid-19”, financed by European Union Office in Kosovo office in Prishtina is interested to hire a Company/individual(s), to develop 4 Operational Manuals based on Administrative Instructions,details are specified under “Terms of Refeences” (please click the link)

You are invited to send your offer with e-mail: For: SS Working Manuals  (RFQ-2022-KS-005) at latest by 03 June, 2022 14:00hr.

Important: Your offer should include all applicable charges/taxes, please provide your best possible quote (not including VAT, Save the Children is VAT exempted).

Your Offer should include:

  • The Technical proposal should have the following details: Understanding of the assignment and its tasks, Methodology and approach to be used, Operational plan with clear timeline, Outline of the team that will implement the work, with CVs for key personnel and clearly specified roles for each team member (if any).
  • Financial proposal for each working day including offer in amount free of VAT (company) and in gross amount (individual) before any legal deductions of the country of origin Bid of quantity (BOQ)
  • Copy of business certificate
  • For the wining company, you need to present tax certification from Tax Administration within five days from the announcement.

Evaluation Criteria

The offers shall be evaluated based on TOR

Payment condition:

  1. Payment will be done through bank account after completion of works and Regular Invoice.

For more information, please contact:

Save the Children Kosova/o

Visiting address; Rr. Filip Shiroka nr.27
10 000 Prishtine, Kosova/o

Phone: +381 (0) 38 551693

Fax: +381 (0) 38 551691


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