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Battle of Minds - British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco

Join our Battle of Minds competition for the chance to win a major investment in your idea for your own enterprise.

It’s the fourth year that we’ve run our contest globally and the second time we’re focusing on finding the next great entrepreneurs or innovators who think beyond borders and want to see a sustainable future.

We love to innovate. We work in an industry where innovation is a way of life. But we also look beyond our own industry. We want to make a positive difference in the world.

Which is how Battle of Minds competition was born. Solve one of three challenges for a chance to win funding and support that can help you take it further:

Circular economy:

How would you help us further embed circular economy principles?

Workplace digitalization:

How would you build a bridge in the hybrid way of working between the office and digital nomads?


How might Blockchain be used for tracking and governance in the ESG space?


The winner gets £50,000 to develop their idea and support from BAT

Two runners-up each get £25,000 investment and the chance to join BAT as an intern or a global graduate.

Applications are open, and the deadline is June 30th. We’ll report on the winners.

Register. Prepare. Submit.     

Get all the details at: About the competition (bat-battleofminds.com)

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